Junhyeok leaving Day6😔

I am upset that he left but it was his choice and I totally understand if it was personal reasons and family reasons or whatever but if it's because of the drama with him dating a fan then I'm going to be legit mad. First of all who tf cares if he is dating a fan! It is almost every fangirl's dream to date their idol or atleast find them attractive. 2nd off it doesn't matter whi he dates because you know what if you were a legit fan, a 'true' fan you wouldn't care and just support this boy who had a dream to make music. Just cuz your idol is not dating you does not mean you give them hate! YOU ARE NOT THEIR MOTHER SO STOP SITTING THERE AND LECTURING THEM ON WHAT TO DO WITH THEIR LIVES! He is a male, and he will find a female that is attractive and would want to date her and it pisses me off that those who who call themselves Daydreamers do that. You are not a real fan and GET IT THROUGH UR HEAD THAT YOUR IDOL MAY NEVER DATE YOU! Yes we all have fantasies and that's totally fine but why give the boy that you supposedly love and support hate. Think of how stupid that is. It's a shame that he couldn't take the hate anymore from his OWN fans. I hope all is well with him and he is okay. It makes me sick that ppl say they support them but hate on them. "OMG I love you so much, I'm your number one fan but date someone and I will tell you to go kill yourself" 👈🏽example js. BUT what sense does that make!!! It's just makes me so mad that he had to go through that to the point where he left.

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