V.I.P: Entrance Breakfast

*What just happened* "Whoa, J.J relax. Nothing happened. You was very drunk last night and you fell asleep on my car. I didn't knew where you live, so I had to take you to my house." "I'm sorry,this is not me. This is the second time" "Second time?" "Nothing. I got to go""J.J relax. I live an hour from Seoul.You won't make it nowhere from here" "Where's your bathroom?" "Right over there" GD pointed.*What just happened? why I can't remember nothing!**my heart* "your done?" "ya.. umm. ya I'm done"*Am I in his room?**This is so beautiful**This is so good* "You like it?" "Oh,, ya this is beautiful GD. I never thought you live in a beautiful environment" "I like it here. Its quiet. And no many people bothers me here?" "I would live in a place like this too. Its just peaceful""What's so funny?" "You." "What about me." "You know how to cuddle, J.J" "Huh.." "Last night, when I laid down on the bed. You quickly just wrapped your legs and arms around me" *Someone please shoot me* "I'm sorry, I... I didn't meant to do that" "Its ok. Just a shocking for me" "why, ain't like you never slept with a woman and her cuddle up to you." "Actually, no. I would fuck her and she leaves. That's it" *what am I hearing* "Ooohhkkkk... that's an info I don't want to know" *maybe* "Ok. let's go have breakfast"*gasp*"Dude, you are rich. This place is amazing" "I may be rich but I save big. I'm always careful of what I order. I sometimes compare prizes. When I see a very good price on the item I want. I buy it!" "Wow, you can really drive with music and money. Skills" "Umm...mmm.. I don't know how to cook. So let's order something" "No, its ok. I can cook. I've been in LA for five years and I learned to cook as I was on my own. Food is expensive" "Really?? Well ok. I should have everything here. My mom came two days ago and filled my fridges." "Fridges?" "Ya I got two" "Whoa!. Well ok. you sit and I will get breakfast ready. "*Imma show you how a real woman,, well man can cook. .. whatever same shit.*

GD J.J starts to cook. I see how he moves and how concentrated he is. I'm actually enjoying this. He looks so adorable. I take a sip of the water he pour for me. The thirst is no joke. But why I feel like this towards another man. Like I'm not even like this towards Seungri, and I adore him. But why on J.J.? Then a text came. It was Seungri. >hey man, what your doing today? >nothing. I'm with J.J >whatttt!!!! *I think Seungri might be jealous.* >ya J.J and I went out last night. He got drunk so he crash to my place. >oohhhh *hmmm...should I or should I not. . I should!* >want to come over and eat breakfast with us. J.J is cooking. >ya, I'll be there in a few. I lock my phone and smile. Then I look at J.J .. *what are you doing to us?* "J.J gotta make more" "Why is that?" "Seungri is coming to eat" J.J froze. *ahh so they prob have a thing* Why he froze like that though? Did something happened between them. "Umm. sure. I'll make more" "Ok, I'll be right back. I'm going to shower." "Sure" I left the kitchen and went to shower. As I let the hot water hit my body. I feel hotter. *Two gorgeous men in one house. What will go down*

Seungri > J.J is here. *what... why ...* >whatttt? Why is J.J over there? Why I feel jealous? I don't like this for one bit. GD may be shy but that boy is slick. *J.J* >what to come over and have breakfast with us, J.J is cooking. >ya, I'll be there in a bit I quickly grabbed my car keys and left my house. Its a 30 minute drive.. but I'm going faster. I can't seem to think that they are together. I put the window down and stepped on the gas. I'm 80mph right now. I just want to get there as soon as possible. I let the wind hit my face. *Calm down Seungri, calm down* Why I feel like this? Why I feel like I'm.. I'm jealous!? What is this feeling. J.J what did you do to me?

*GD in the shower...oh myyy**But he is ..... taking a shower....so that means... he is naked**Huh... what is he doing* "Hey J.J .. I missed you man. What your doing here?" "I went out last night with GD and I think I drank to much. So I crashed in here" "Ohh, why didn't you called me. I would've take you with me" *With you?* "What you mean, with..with you?" "I just feel like I want to protect you and make sure your safe"*Why I feel this way?**oh my god*"Jiyong, why won't you put pants man. Seriously" "What's wrong with it? We all guys." "True." "Hey J.J the food ready" "Ya..umm ya. Go sit down"*why is he like this?* "J.J this is very good" "I know for real,, hey Seungri. Your free today.?" "Actually I am. What's good?" "Want to ride the boat? Is very nice out" "Hell ya, let's do it. Are you in J.J?" *Hmmm.. a boat ride. Sounds AWSOMEEEE!!!!* "Alright, I'm in!"*Lord are you trying to kill me**Breath Oh Ja-ni Breath* "Yo man, love those boxers. Is it new?" "Ya, I got it two days ago from the mail. Right they look good." "Hell ya, the color is perfect on your skin"omo"Be right back, imma use the bathroom""J.J we go to go. Come on" "Ok, coming""What's this?" "Clothes, Go change. But hurry" "Ok""What do you see J.J?" "A very beautiful man"*what did I just say? But why I feel fuzzy?*"What are you doing to me?" "What ...what you mean?" "I feel so relaxed with you, like a complete person. But without you, I can't breath"*What is this?


What's going on? Is Seungri falling for J.J? How will J.J defend herself?

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