This is so true, IDC what anyone says.

(Repost) This is relevant right now because of Junhyeok. I honestly feel bad for all idols and other groups or bands that are not apart of kpop and have fandoms that are filled with teenage girls. I understand that I will probably never get to meet my bais or date them. Yes I still want to but lets face it. Most likely we won't but I feel like these idols and stars are forced to keep their feelings neutral when it comes to someone they love because of the fans. Yes fans are supportive but they can be so cruel it's ridiculous. They are still human and will fall in love and it upsets me that they have to force themselves to say no to the person they love so they can protect them from hate and also themselves. It truly is awful how fans claim to support and love their idols or stars but will be the first to give them hate and call their partner a slut or a whore, you may not like the fact that it is not you but honestly who the fuck cares who they date! If it is not physically harming you or affect you and your life you should not care. You should not be putting your nose in their personal lives. There is a line that does not need to be crossed. That idol or star will always love you and care for you, he or she may not know you, but they know and you know that they love and care because you made their dream happen. Just because they fall in love doesn't mean they love you any less. Fans or 'fans' have a place and that place is to love and support the person who is trying to make their dream happen and put a smile on your face. Stay in your place.

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