Wanna Be Your Star! Astro Review!

Because these boys have captured my heart! <3

Connecting names to faces, because we all struggle in the beginning! x3


Here's the actual review.

Their music makes me smile, and some of that comes from watching these guys from their web drama and seeing them goof off, but I feel the energy that they're trying to emit from their music,

It's almost like how I feel about my Kings (BigBang) and my Princes (BTS).

My Kings can play at any moment and I'll be there feeling their passion and the lyrics, getting deep into the feels of my soul.

My Princes always make me feel like a bada**, it doesn't matter if I'm having a rough day, or if I just woke up.

Astro just sprouts a smile on my face because I see all the potential in them and I really couldn't be happier! Their music right now are more ballad and dance, but it really suits with their cute debut.

.....Maybe it's because I'm a happy virus and their music is super happy.... e.e

Either way, just like we saw BigBang progress during the past decade, and just how we're watching BTS slay in the now, I really can't wait to see Astro and the path they'll take to mature and grow as a group because thus far, their songs are already addicting! <3

Bless those who put this up! I love listening to the albums online before actually buying them, it gets me hyped up for when I actually have the physical CD in my hands! *cries*

Tell me your thoughts after a listen! <3

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