2PM Screenshot Game: New Residents Next Door Part 7


Game made by@jessicaacosta90 She is just adding more guys to my "I gotta watch him" list. I'm getting so close to completion.

1. Nothing is wrong I've had a long day. 2. WTH why are yall fighting? I don't like conflict. 3. Yes very lame. I agree with you.

4. So you cook and clean wounds. Gold stars for you. I like you more now. 5. Really? You of all people shouldn't talk. lip abuser. 6. Must you lip abuser. I'm just being me. I can't help it.

7. ................ (I should totally be against this but I like him) 8. I can't believe this. I'm shocked. Please explain what you call yourself doing? 9. Morning? Ummm what are you doing Nichkhun?

10. Thank you my friend and I mean that sincerely. 11. What crawled up your butt overnight? 12. Good Morning trouble maker.

13. I'm not talking to you. AND he cuddled me I didn't cuddle him back. Please get your facts straight lip abuser. 14. I don't get your jealously. 15. I see you're point

16. You big baby. I'm in this mess because of your cuddling issues. 17. *evil eyes* Oh you don't know?! 18. Calm down. Sneaky cuddler.

19. Mind your business about my neck. You don't know my life. 20. No thank you golden gloves. 21. I know why you don't want him to take me lip and neck abuser.

22. You too sneaky cuddler. 23. So you have a reason for being here right? My lips are off limits sorry to disappoint. 24. explain

25. One Word STALKERS


Since Junho is trolling me in this game. Why not have a gif of him? Tagging the #thunderbuddies a.k.a Thunder Squad @eliseb@jessicaacosta90@JaiiPanda@ashleyemmert@Isolate@Dianabell@KhrystinaLee@sarabear1021

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