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Requested by@Starbell808 #Imagine You and JB have been together for three years and your relationship is no secret. You both are idols and many people envy your relationship. JB enjoys the way your face becomes beet red whenever he stares and tries to be sexy. Today was no different, you both were chosen as the main models for a clothing brand. As JB is doing his solo part of the photoshoot, you stood by and watch with a smile. You enjoyed watching JB when he was working, he was more serious and a lot less silly. You see that JB was staring at you aand then makes the face up in the GIF. You smile and blush causing him to break out into a smile as well.

Kpop made me see that you can enjoy the small things. BTS, Got7, Monsta X, B.A.P and many other groups keep me hooked. I'll be posting an imagine everyday, ill take request. Post on previous imagine and I'll choose one, maybe two.
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