Love at first rap (chapter 3 )

It's a early Monday morning Ring ring ring ring "Mm hello? "Top says in a sleepy voice. GD "Hey sleepy head it's time to get up I need you come over here so we can plan this day out" Top "why so early?dude I just wanna sleep in." GD "well you can't so get up and get over as soon as possible okay!" Top "aish okay fine I'll be over there in 10 minutes just give me some time to get up and change." GD "okay see you in 10" Call ends Knock knock knock "Come in the doors open" GD says GD "oh sweet your here! Okay so I need you tell you something and you can't get mad alright?" Top "sure?" Top is worried about what GD is going to say him. His heart beings to race GD "okay so YG didn't add you because of you weight. I know know that sounds rude as fuck but I am willing to help you out." Top "wait what he didn't want to put me on because of my weight? What kinda of bullshit is that man!" Top is starting to become angry GD "dude chill out I'm gonna help you out I am going to work with you every day for the next 6 months." Top "why the fuck should I even do this? Why should have to change who I am?" GD "dude you want this or not?" Top stop to think.... "Yeah I do man but you're gonna have to really push me even if. I ask to stop keep pushing me okay?" GD "man we got this you'll be in shape in no time. And when you go back to see YG he'll be really impressed at the improvement you have made" "I sure hope so" Top says to himself "Now let's talk about us Mr Top" GD says to Top Top"Um what there is nothing to talk about we are just friends okay!" GD "right well that kiss you gave me says other wise I think you have feelings for me..." STOP IT! said top to GD Top is blushing but he doesn't want GD to know that he like him. GD "okay sorry didn't mean to upset you. But hey do you wanna Grab something to eat tonight?" Top starts to think Ugh why does he want to take out? What if he ask me to stay over for the night I don't think I could handle that I might just end up kissing him again. GD "well?" Top "oh sorry yeah that's sound fine what time?" GD "I'll give you a call later tonight. Why don't you just go home and relax okay?" Top leaves GD "Ugh this boy is gonna be the death of me.he's so cute hopefully he'll want to stay the night I wanna put him to good use." It's about 8:00 and GD is getting dinner ready for him and top. GD hears a knock at the door Knock knock GD "who the hell is at my door surly it's not top" He does the door and its top looking really nice with rose in his hand Top "I know you said you would Call me when dinner was ready but I wanted to surprise you.I also got this for you here" Top hands the rose to GD GD " thanks and dinner is also most ready why don't you go put your jacket up and sit down okay" GD thinks wow he brought be a rose that was super sweet of him They both sit down and eat there dinner and make small talk for A few hours. Then all of a sudden GD lost his cool and jump across the Table grabbing top by his neck GD starts to kiss top on his lips and then moves down to his neck. Top let's out small whimper GD lays top on the table and says "Im gonna fuck you" Top smiles GD takes off Top shirt and start to kiss him from the neck all the way down to his belly. "oooh shit" Tops say as his body shutters at the feeling of GD tongue licking his abs GD takes his pants off and then he takes off Tops pants he starts to rub both of the members together They both start to moan But then Top grab GD and slams him on the table and left up GD and puts his 9inch inside of GD he look in his and says with a smile "sorry honey but I'm on top" GD couldn't get any words because the feeling of Tops member felt so good he couldn't think of anything to say back. Top is about to reach his climax but before he does he pulls out and jacks off His member GD's at the same they both instantly reach their climax and cum GD "God that was great how about we go take a shower and hit the bed okay?" "Hahaha yeah sounds good to me" top says feeling almost out of breath.

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