V.I.P: Entrance The Boat

"J.J come on, GD is inside already."*ohh man... *"Seungri, J.J is throwing up""J.J drink this , is for sickness. Sorry for not asking if your sesantive "

Seungri J.J falls into my arms. I start to shake him. "J.J ?? J.J are you ok" He fainted. He did throw up so much. I grabbed him and carried him. As I walk towards inside the boat to a bedroom. GD saw me and then he winked at me. I smile back at him. As I put J.J to the bed. I cover him with the blanket. I see how peaceful he looks, but he does look pale. *poor thing* As I look into him. I see how beautiful he is. The smooth skin and soft lips. I got closer to him , my lips close to his. Then I snapped out of it quickly. *whoa,, He might freak out. He is not like GD* Then I walk out of the bedroom and went where GD is. He was sitting down and having a cup of wine. I grab a cup of wine also, and then sat next to him. GD looks at me and smile. Then he lays his head on my lap. I look down on him and smile. "What your smiling about?" "Remember when we came out here, just the two of us." I laugh, as memories came through my mind. Then I took a sip of wine and shake my head. "I do remember." "Its sad we can't be here for the night." "True, we got practice tomorrow." "Ya and we ain't alone" "Perv." I smirk. GD then starts to play with my stomach. Tracing my abs. I look down on him and raise an eyebrow. He smiles at me in a sneaky way. *I know what he wants but J.J is in the boat. He may think we something, when we just friends. Well with a spice of benefits. * I smile as I thought about that. Then GD grabs my neck and pulls me down towards him. He makes eye contact to me. Then we both smile. Our lips make contact. GD starts to grab my hair which is my weakness. I couldn't hold back but bite his lips. He moans soflty. Then we pull back. I sit back and GD stays laying down on my lap. We just let the breeze of the sea calm us down, before anything happens. Since we not alone, we held back.

GD Seungri lays back and relax. As he close his eyes and let the breeze hit his face, I smile cuz I know he is hot. I can even feel him. Then I close my eyes and try to relax too. I know we ain't alone, and I don't want J.J to freak out. But I do wonder if he ain't like those types to freak out. *Which I don't care* We just do this for fun, nothing serious. When I open my eyes, I saw Seungri sleeping. Like always, that mouth is half way open. I smile and get up from his lap. Then I stretch my arms and remembered about J.J. I started to walk towards the bedroom, where J.J is. J.J is crawled into a ball, but he is sweating. I put my hand on his forehead, and he is hot. *A fever?* I quickly went to the kitchen and grab a bowl and put ice and cold water. I walk towards the room and grab a cloth. As I help him lower his fever. He wakes up. He saw me and gives me a sweet smile. "Jiyong..." Then he close his eyes.

*Why you keep haunting me* "Jiyong" "hmmm" "why your always in my dreams?" "Dreams? You dream about me?" "Is either you or Seungri. Bad boys""Your just beautiful" "Really.. what is beautiful about me?" "Everything..your face, your voice and those lips""What about my lips?" "They look soft and tasty" "Tasty? You want a taste?"*this dream is too much, I love it**shit**Gasppp**Ohh man,, did he saw, shot**what just happened, they probably think I'm gay or something. But I'm not, I'm a girl. I didn't do nothing wrong. But they think k I'm a guy not a girl. Ohhhh mannn, what to do*"J.J"*whoa*

A boat trip to a kissing scene What will she do now? What will happen next?

My name is BB ♡ Also Mrs.Kwon Im Big Bang and GD stan.◆ I love kpop and khh ◇ I hope you all enjoy my cards☆
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