29 Days of Marvel (22-28)

Sorry for the lumps of days, this is definitely not my month.... without further ado I present my latest lump of days. 22. Favorite hero in one word would be Sticky? 23. I think Marvel should do another cross over with D.C. mostly because I love the idea of Batman and Spidey on the hunt of a Carnage infused Joker 24. Weakest hero in Marvel in my opinion is Cyclops because of mutlipe reasons from his handicap/power to his over influence of emotions. 25. If the Avengers didn't have powers..... honestly I don't know what would happen XP 26. In my opinion the best show right now is the Ultimate Spiderman Series. 27. If I were a Hero I would be Wolf who is my super powerless Spidey of the upcoming Fan-verse 28. I like both D.C. and Marvel though I'm definitely not as D.C. savey as my brother or many of my friends. @MichaelOgg @SamTheMallow @BeannachtOraibh @JoshuaGraston @Kirooken @shannonl5@jak91@trin1991@jonathanbellamy@sammsosa@lostpastaproxy@elijah101@XxChato03@peahyr@KaitlinUlrich@LigerP@CarissaLeal@Kazukisolanon@KristianHampton@DustinAtkinson @txSuspect214@MotherEffinPoe@redapple615@shogu12s@DLowLewis@nobankai@S92pk@IsaacAmbrose@TambryInskeep@MotherEffinPoe@LAVONYORK@Rafamike@JonathanBellamy@trin1991@JoshuaGraston@Namrow@brandongromala@Jak91@Fallout14@SamTheMallow@CandaceJordan@DarthRevan@MelvinManning@Calanator@twistedreaper6@MichaelOgg@Kirooken@DerpyPantz@Lawlpool@kenjutsu101@electica@SterlingH89@Jak91@kuzuri96@MichelleHolly@Taigara@Zeta@CodyBunting@chuyslim@AutummUmphries@EmmaLeaBell@JrGrimes@idonthaveoneema@Kirooken@Bakuman247@buddyesd @lostpastaproxy@sammsosa@amobigbang@shannonl5@butterflyblu@BeannachtOraibh

"Any day can be a holiday when you cosplay." XD
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