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self harm

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Note some events might be to much for some readers. violence and abuse, both sexually, emotionally and physically involved in some part.

story is not base on how the idol truly are this is all made believe hehe.

Rated Matured

Taehyung Pov

When we were young, we smiled so innocently and pure. When I turned 11 year old my innocence was taken away from me and everything that was once so pure, was tainted and ruined within me.

We had a music box that played a lovely melody, He was the the song my music box played, he was the key that made it sang, he was my childhood friend Name Kim Namjoon.

It was a cold and rainy day and we really wanted to go and play outside. Namjoon suggested we should go run outside in the pouring rain.

"Tae come on let's go outside" Namjoon tugged on my selves "but It's cold and it's raining and eomma said to stay inside"

I protested as i look outside the living room window.

"we'll be back before they'll even notice we're gone"

he implied with the cutest smile as he walk over to the front door.

"come on didn't you ever want to just go outside in the rain and let it wash away all the pain."

Namjoon said as he stick both arms out like an airplay an spin around.

Namjoon stop and walk over to the couch by the window were I was sitting at and look at me with a serious face expression.

"Tae.....Do you trust me?"

he asked with a concern look on his face .

I felt a tight knot in my throat. my body stiffen up and my face turning pink as Namjoon looked me straight in the eyes.

"I do....but.."

"no but. Can you trust me?" Namjoon ask

Namjoon stuck out his hand towards me.

I hesitated to respond but gave in as I look into his eyes, I knew I could trust him but for some reason I felt nervous. Namjoon grab a hold of both of my hands and said to me.

"I promise I won't let anything happen to you, I promise to protect you an never leave you." His voice filled up with sincerity

I took a big gulp as I nob my head yes. Namjoon pull me out the front door and grab my jacket along with him. The sudden feeling of the freezing cold rain hitting my skin brought a cold, chilly rush throughout my body as Namjoon kept on running and pulling me along.

"WOOOOHOOO!" Namjoon hollered.

The sound of his laughter brought me at ease and the way he would look behind him just to check if I was still following. made me feel wanted, the smile he Gave me was so sweet and pure and the way his cute little eyes would hide as he smiled, I knew that day that I was in love with my childhood friend because his laughter, his smile and his dimples made my heart go wild.

"Namjoon look! what is that?" I pointed at a glimmering object that hid in between Some bushes and Roses

Namjoon stop and walked toward it, he pulled out what seem to be a glass box with a golden frame

"what is it?" Namjoon shrugged and open the glass box

"I think it's a Music box" he said opening and closing the led. "why doesn't it play you think it is broken?" I ask looking over his shoulder " Ani, I think it's just missing the key.." he said so concerted on the music box "where are we gonna get a key for that" I ask. Namjoon finally averted eyes from the box and made a face expression that look like he had an idea

"Come on let's go" he said excitingly "wait where are we going?" " Don't worry about it just follow me " Namjoon shouted

we ended up going to what seem like a antique store filled with a lot of old stuff it looked dirty and dusty too

" how may I help you young boys? "

said the store keeper

" ah ajumma do you perhaps have a key for these" said Namjoon to the Store keeper handing over the music box and placing it on the counter

"oh indeed I do your in luck " the store keeper said as she put the golden key beside the music box

"Omo... how much does it cost" Namjoon said excited grabbing the key and the music box. The store keeper smiled at how cute Namjoon was acting

"it's free, just take it" the store keeper smiled and petted Namjoon head

"Gomabseubnida!" We shouted as we ran back home.

We ran up stair to my bedroom before anyone notice we were gone and shut the bedroom door we sat on the floor as Namjoon place the music box in middle of both of us.

"okay here you do it " he said handing me the key

"wae?" I ask cautiously "because you found it " Namjoon smiled innocently

I grab the music box and place the key inside it I started cranking it up until it couldn't turn anymore, we look at each other then back at the music box

"open it " I said

Namjoon gulps and Nob his head as he slowly opens the led a song started to play we wow as we both were amazed that the music box still worked.

The music sound so smooth it played a ballet song from the nutcracker

Namjoon stood up in front of me and hand out his hand towards me

"may I have this dance" he said as he had one hand behind his back

I smiled and grab his hand as he pulled me close placing his hand on my lower back and my hand on his shoulder we dance along to the song that the music box played we laugh so hard on how bad Namjoon dance. Suddenly A loud thump was heard "Leave him alone!" Omma cried out, I grab Namjoon an hid him in my closet, my bedroom door swung open "you..It's your fault I lose him!" the drunken man shouted "Leave him alone" Omma plead but the man only smack her and toss her outside the bedroom and shut the door I was aware of what was coming next but I was scared because of Namjoon being there "Appa...." I cried he grab a hold of me an toss me as he kick the music box cause it to open and to start playing again "Appa please Appa!" I shouted in agony "he gone because of you he killed himself because of you!" he shouted as he hit me he force me down "Namjoon!!" I cried as I saw him staring with so much fear in his eyes as he started to cry

That was when our innocent was taken away

When my music box wouldn't play

when I lost the key to my beautiful melody...

Present Time

his Voice shutter as he called out my name "Taehyung..."

his eyes filled with sorrow, his face looked like he been suffering

"Namjoon!" I smiled

"Wae...Wae!" you could hear the tightness in his voice

"Namjoon calm down" Jin said placing his hand on his shoulder "what are you doing here..?" his voice sounded so devastated

I moved closer to him and whisper "I came to find the missing key to my music box "

His eyes widen as I moved away

" NAMJOON !!! "

and just like that our path cross again

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sorry if this one isn't as good lol I tried

Hope you enjoy

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