Idols as Boyfriends.

Ok we all know we have our bias lists that we all work as hard as possible on. But I'm sure there are some idols that you have at the top of your Would Date List. (Whether they are your bias or not) Here is my list.

1. Kim Namjoon aka Rap Monster Can we just have a minute for my heart? Everything about this man is pure perfection even his flaws. He's such a humble person and cares so much about his members and fans. He works so hard and he thinks so little of himself it hurt. Like I just want to hold him tight and tell him the world. Dating him seems like it would be fun and precious.

2. Bang Yongguk Ok he's the quiet leader and dad of BAP and he just makes me so happy when he smiles, interacts with the group and let's not forget his voice. Lord this mans voice is like boulders smoothly rolling down the hill and I love it! (I'm a sucker for deep voices) He's such a sweet guys and he takes care of the group. He's also another humble person and tends to let everyone else shine in the light while happily looking on.

3. Kim Jiwon aka Bobby Look at this living derpy cuteness! I just love everything about him. He's such a gentleman, his voice kills me, he is a living ball of sunshine and fluff. He's everyone's fan and isn't afraid to party and support them in public. Dating him would be filled with fun and excitement.


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