[MARCH EVENT] Fantasy Kpop Returns!

Almost a year ago, we had a really awesome event called Fantasy Kpop!

check it out here

This year, instead of voting for each other's favorites, why don't we just celebrate EVERYONE!

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Here's the layout:

March 1 - March 6

Dancer Week

dancers, dance performances, dance practices, and of course, T.O.P

Examples of dancers to show love to: Jimin, Taemin, Min, Mark, Kai!

March 7 - March 13

Vocals Week

avorite vocalists, MR removed performances, acoustic versions or covers,

Examples of vocals to show love to: Ken, Taeyeon, Kyuhyun, Sandeul, Ailee!

March 14 - March 20

Leaders Week

favorite leader moments

Examples of leaders to show love to: Suho, Hakyeon, Rap Monster, Youngguk!

March 21 - March 27

4D Week

Share your favorite members and moments for 4D Week!

Examples of 4D members to show love to: V, Jackson, Chanyeol, Hani, Hyuna!

March 28 - March 31

Rapper Week

diss tracks, mix tapes, rap collaborations, and more

Examples of rappers to show love to: Ravi, Zico, Mino, LE, CL!

Let me know if you're interested or if you have any suggestions!

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