Bts mash up game

@koinii lol here's another one imma play.

$uga! $wag. Infires~ u like? 3 dollars

is this Jin? I'm pretty sure it's Jin. I mean....Jin was my first bias in bts so I see no reasons why I would cheat on Suga for Jin.

I got drunk with Jimin! WHO GOT DEM JAMS NOW RAPMON!!!

Awwww. my cute little V. Of course he would be there for me. :3

Hmm. Ok. at least Jin knows how to cook cuz I can't

my baby boy is gonna have so much swag. B)

Xiumin is my UB! I love to sing, dance, and act. Performing on stage and stuff is my type of thing! I'm always hungry. :3
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