Challenge: IRL Anime Counterparts!

Hey Vingle Nakama!

I think a lot about who I would want to be if I had the chance to become like an anime character or if I were to join the cast of any of my favorite anime. Would I still be the same? Would I look the same? Would I be regular old me or would I all of a sudden be a hero?

Hard to say.

However, since it's hugely unlikely (downright impossible) for any of us to manage our way into the realm of anime, or for anime characters to come here, I started thinking parallel to that.

I was wondering about who in my life is already like anime characters. Who of my friends is most like who in anime? Some I can think of pretty easily, others not so much.

For this I'm just going to pick my best friend, and who I think her anime counterpart is!


My best friend is definitely most like Cana, of all anime girls. Cana is a mixed bag of characteristics. Outwardly she seems like she doesn't care too much beyond the barrels of wine she loves. She loves to get drunk and hang out with the mages of the guild in their common hall, drinking and making merry.

However, when the going gets tough, Cana shows up to demonstrate how much she loves her guildmates. She stands up for the guild and puts her pride on the line to fight for her friends and the ideals she believes in.

Cana is a force to be reckoned with - either on a barstool or in a fighting arena, and for that reason she is most like my best friend. They both love a hearty amount of wine, but they will also both go to bat for their friends.

I challenge you all in the community!

What anime character best describes one of your IRL friends?

Make a card and be sure to tag me in it!!

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