Collage of Bridesmaids

Here it is. Undeniable proof that your wedding can look spectacular when your bridesmaids are left to their own devices in terms of their bridesmaid dress. For this real wedding, the bride only had one request of her entourage: keep your dresses "muted and dusky" in color. Nothing else matters.

And judging from the Erich McVey photo, these gals look glorious, glamorous and gag-worthy! Who can argue with this photo? Call it what you will. Boho. Rustic. Chic. It all works together, and very well.

This card was meant to inspire you to let go and trust your bridesmaids to find their perfect dress for your perfect day! Rather than saddling everyone with the same style or color, or whatever, let them choose! They will look their absolute best, and combined with all the other girls, the collage of color and texture is sure to make for a dazzling wedding!

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