Markie-Pooh Mondays! (OneShot)

Earlier I said I would be writing some oneshots of Mark for his special day! This one is for@amandamuska! Thank for your request!

*The characters of this story are Mark and the reader* Two more hours, you mumble to yourself. Two more hours and I'll be in your arms again. Sighing you unlock your phone looking down at the screenshot you took of the snapchat Mark sent you earlier today. Just looking at the picture of him made your heart flutter. It has been months since you had actually seen him , with his busy schedule you guys hearly see or talk to one another. He was an idol after all and both of you decided that even though it wouldn't always be easy that you should give dating a chance. You sigh again and look at the time. Only a few minutes have passed, you look around the your shared apartment looking for anything to distract you. You already cleaned and Mark was picking up food on the way home so dinner was taken care of. There was really nothing to do so you decide to watch some TV. A few minutes into some comedy show you find yourself dozing off even though your head is telling you to stay awake. ~A Few Hours Later ~ You feel your nose scrunch as a familiar scent fills your nosils. It's his, you know it anywhere. It was the cologne that you bought him for his birthday last year. He wore it everyday saying that it was his way of always having you by his side. You feel yourself smile and close your eyes tighter simply taking in the smells for a moment. It isn't until you feel something warm on your cheek that that you open your eyes. Your vision is blurry at first ,but after it adjust you see him clear as day. "Mark .." you call out feeling your eyes already watering. He looks down at you with those dark brown eyes and stokes your cheeks " Yes (Y/N) , it's me. I'm finally home" Not wasting any time you quickly sit up and wrap your arms around his neck burying your face in his chest. "I missed you so much" you mumble. He pulls you closer to him and whispers in your ear "Baby I missed you too. I promise not to be gone so long next time". You pull back and look him in the eyes smiling " I love you" you say slightly looking away as you feel yourself start to blush. You feel him leaning in and places a sweet tender kiss on the side of your forehead. "I love you too Jagi".

Sorry for the errors but I hope you guys enjoyed this! Let me know what you guys thought and if you want me to do more! I will be aiming to write a one shot for each one of the boys this week! As always let me know if you would like to be tagged/untagged in future cards! My GOT7 Team @PrettieeEmm@VeronicaArtino @MaricelvaRomero @ManduBum@UnnieCakesAli @luna1171 ⭐Tag List⭐ @LenaBlackRose@AimeeH@sarangseoltang @XionHeart@SharayahTodd@KpopQuixxMarie@GDsGF@GenesisZiporrah@Gianlica@KpopGaby@kpopdeluxegirl@kpopisnylife@PrettieeEmm@punkpandabear@kpop14young  @GUMMYB34RZz@JohnEvans@staceyholley@MaricelvaRomero@EmilySavage@EmilyGardner@HuonTreeRoo @CreeTheOtaku@ElizabethT @Exoexo@DestinyMcCauley @VKookie47 @TracyLynnn@wiviDemol@DeeNice@UnnieCakesAli @maddiedo@marshalledgar@H8rt4u@hmelodie@sarahpjane@SusiBosshammer@MelaninMonroe@KatieRussell@xroyalreisx@xsandos17@VeronicaArtino@otakukpopgirl@AnnieGoodman@adikiller@ArmyofKookie@ArianaVenti@amandamuska@AlloBaber@jcl4rkson@AimeeH@AmbieB@awesaawQqwq2qq@RebeccaLondon@wondergirl  @themrshongki @namjoonswife@ninjamidori@NEOisRealo@nnatalieg@Nerukawong@NalaniCerteza@VictoriaBossier@Vlargo@VixenViVi@Jiyongixoxo@JamiMilsap@JennieThor@YessicaCardenas@Ivethcrisoforo@RogueLeigh@ChriSingularis@AlysaNguyen@Sammie99522@IGot7Forever@SHINee808@TerraToyaSi@AyamenTenchu@Maddie27@AlexisRiver@TashiannaBostic@jazgaara33@CrystalGuerra@KaiJae@orchiofriend549@yeniyx23@MichelleMonroe@aegyoxprinMOcess@SugaMint@Helixx@kpopandkimchi @DamarisCisneros  @SugaKookies @Ercurrent @BrandyBell16@mbg3t@jeniseglasper

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