A Second Chance Chapter Six

Eun Ah wanted nothing to do with her mother let alone talk to her. Yes she loved her mother but when her mother says something along the lines of how wonderful it is for her to be dating a rich guy really irritated Eun Ah. However Eun Ah held whatever hate she had for her mother in as she sat with her in the one café the town had."Oh dear it's so nice to see you. How are you? Are you eating ok? How's Chin?" Her mother asked."I'm fine mother and yes I'm eating ok. Chin is fine he is off on another business trip." Eun Ah said as she stared at her cup of coffee. She was thinking on how funny it was that she was drinking coffee when she herself makes drinking for other on a daily basis."Oh that boy needs to know that he has to stay home. His mother called me to tell me that he asked you to marry him. Oh I'm so proud of you." Her mother reached out to hold her hand but Eun Ah pulled away. Her mother felt hurt by what she did. Her mother knew what she did wrong and could never take back on what she did to her daughter. "Listen I know that me marrying him won't change on what I did to you. You have to understand he wanted to have a family of his own." "Mom you have to tell me I understand perfectly clear. I was in the way of you being happy and I know that you are happy with him and my younger sister. I know if I step inside that house I'll be chased out." Eun Ah looked up at her mother and saw that she was hurt. She wanted to hug her mother but thinking of her mother throwing her away made it harder to love her mother as she once did."Well when the time comes and you want to come over to see her you can. He has changed over the years and he has asked on how you are doing." "Maybe, but right now I think it's best if I still keep my distance like I am now. I should go I ha e to be back in Seoul by tonight." Eun Ah stood up and walked out.Eun Ah walked back to Doojoon's parents home and noticed that he was outside sitting on the porch. Without sharing anything she walked inside the house and to the room where her stuff was at. She started packing when she was stopped by Doojoon. She looked at him and moved his hand away from hers so she could continue to pack her bag."I take we are leaving now?" He asked sitting in the bed."Yes I know you have to back and I have to be back as well. We are both busy people." She stated as she zipped her bag. She looked at Doojoon as if to ask if he was ready to go."My things are already in the car." He said as he walked out and Eun Ah right behind him. He locked up the house after leaving a note to his parents. Eun Ah was in the car waiting for him. She was ready to leave and hopefully things could go back to normal when the made it back to Seoul. Meaning she was hoping that Doojoon could go back and forget about seeing her again. It was the opposite with Doojoon though. He wanted to talk to her and be around her. He knew her and how she would act if that happened, so he kept his distance like she wanted when they made it back to Seoul. She dropped him off at his apartment and went home. With him out of her car was like a fresh of air like she was able to breath. Once she was home and unpacked she was looking through her closet looking for a box. Somehow she felt the need to look for a box of the past.After what seem like an hour, which was only thirty minutes, she found the box and took to the living room. She sat down and took a deep breath before opening the box. When she did seeing the things she had or that he gave her made her heart clench. Pictures of her and Doojoon smiling and then other pictures of the two together with the guys. One picture caught her eye and she picked it up. The picture was them together on their first date. She remembered it like it was yesterday and the memories of the date flood in her mind which brought a smile to her face.~<~>~<~>~After a year of her being in the soccer club and her being friends with Doojoon, there was not surprise on what he asked that Friday after practice."Listen I know this may sound weird and awkward, but I was wondering if you wanted..." "Yes Doojoon I would love to." Eun Ah said. Looking at him as he asked and seeing him embarrassed made her heart beat. She was also embarrassed because she knew on what he was asking and it was also no secret that she liked him.Doojoon smiled and sheepishly looked away hiding that he was happy. The two discussed on what time he was going to pick her up and she give ideas on what they could do. He walked her home that night and reminding her that on Saturday he would pick her up at 4 that evening. She smiled and told she mark 4 o'clock for tomorrow. She went in and told her mother about it and her father gave her a look like he wasn't ready for his little girl to start dating. Eun Ah reminded her father that she was a junior in high school. Her father did request that he meat the young man who was going to take her out to come in and met her father. Eun Ah laughed and said she would. Her mother glared at her husband and told him he doesn't need to be protective over a simple date.That night Eun Ah was going through her closet trying to figure out on what to wear for her date. She wasn't much of a girly girl and didn't care much for dressing up. She looked and looked and felt the need to give up thinking she had nothing to wear. However she realized she didn't need to look like a girl by wearing dresses. She chose jeans, cream colored blouse, and a teal colored cardigan. She could be a girl and not worry about wearing a dress at the same time. She went to bed and thigh in the morning she could have her mom look at her outfit and help her with hair and shoes. Sure enough once she woke up her mother helped her saying she whole wear a pair of boots and have her hair down with curls. He mother also told her to wear light make up that would complement her outfit. She loved her mother and thanked her for helping her even though she help only little. When the time rolled around three, Eun Ah got ready and was done by three-thirty. She was nervous and every time she looked at the clock her stomach would either flip flop or have butterflies. Doojoon arrive ten minutes early and Eun Ah's father answered the door. Even though she was nervous Doojoon was nervous to face her father. "So your taking my daughter out on a date." Her father asked."Yes sir I am." Doojoon said trying not to show how nervous he was."Where are you planning on taking her?" "Um I am planing on taking her to the miniature golf course we have here in town. After that I'm planning on taking her to dinner. A place where she wants to go and after that a walk though the park." He told her father."Good make sure she is home by ten. No later then ten." Her father said and Eun Ah figured she should walk in to save Doojoon from her father who was integrating him.She said goodbye to her parents and once out the door Doojoon let out a sigh of relief. He seems to go back to his normal self and Eun Ah after awhile was her normal self. As Doojoon said and planned they went and played golf. The two as if they never played before were making some many mistakes that they gave up on keeping score. When they the reached the end he took her out for dinner. She chose a place that was popular and had good prices. He told not to worry about the prices when they ordered, but she ignored what he said and got something that was cheap for her to eat. He knew she was going to do that and he, to himself, thanked her. While they ate they talked about random things from music to sports and then what schools they were planing on going to when they graduate. He told her on how he was thinking about becoming an idol but wasn't sure if he was fed that. She told him that whatever he chose to do she would support him. When they finished eating he paid and then took her to the park. They were running on good time because it was only eight-thirty and had an hour and half before he had to take her home. They didn't have much to say since it seemed they talked about everything when they ate. Once in while they asked about what they liked and disliked. They both had similar answers with favorite music, food, sport, and color. Time was cut short when he realized he had to get her home. He kept his promise with her father and had her home five minutes early. When he walked her to the door he wanted to kiss her but he knew her father was watching so he settled with a kiss on the forehead and telling her good night. Eun Ah smiled and kissed him on the cheek before walking in. Doojoon had a smile from ear to ear. He was happy that their first date was a success and Holley she will agree to be his when he asked. Though that was another matter to deal with in a couple of days. ~<~>~<~>~Thinking about the date brought a smile to Eun Ah's lips and tears in her eyes. Ep she looked though and found things that he gave. His soccer jersey, soccer ball key chain with his number and her number, and the one thing that she held dear to her heart was a necklace that was a soccer ball and on the back of the soccer ball was his name engraved. The necks was a sixth month anniversary gift. She gave him pen that he could use to sign if he ever became famous Little did she know he would become well known and use the pen. Though she didn't know he had the pen with him and always in his hand when he leaves the apartment. Before any tears could spill she put erecting back in the box and put aside. She yawned and figured she should go to bed so she would have energy for work the next day. Upon walking into her bedroom and crawling into bed she fell asleep right away.The next day she woke up before her alarm and got dressed half asleep. She was able to have so etching to eat and decide to check her Facebook page. She regretted it when she opened the app on her phone. She was tagged in fifty pictures. All the pictures were of her and the guys during the class reunion. She did see a few of her and Doojoon glaring at each other. Eun Ah hoped that Chin would read into those pictures and if he did she would have to tell him who Doojoon is to her. Chin knew that she had an ex-boyfriend, but had not idea who it was. Just that she really loved him and that she was hurt by him. Chin never asked questions when they started dating and hope that she would open up about who her ex was and what he did. Eun Ah wanted to tell him, but she knew he would never believe the leader and member of Beast was her ex-boyfriend. Whit a sign and the time on the clock Ah e had to leave for work. When she arrived she wasn't surprised that a few of the members of Beast to be there. They were getting ready for another album and a long month of promoting along with tours all over Asia. So seeing them sitting at the tables of the café half awake didn't surprise her. The first thing she did when she entered was make their favorite coffee to give them a boost of energy. When Junhyung saw her making the coffee he walked over to the counter and watched her. Soon Dongwoon, Yoseob, and Hyunseung joined to watch."Where are the other two at?" Eun Ah asked seeing that it was only four of the boys and not all six of them."Doojoon went to get breakfast and Gikwang went with him." Yoseob said."Doojoon said that you would be here and that he was only going to get food, because you make us coffee. Hyung was right." Dongwoon said and seemed to be happy to know his hyung was right."Well think of this as you treat for working hard. How long did you guys practice for?" She asked while handing out their drinks. Each one one of them boys thanked her felt they were in heaven when they took a sip of their coffee. "We've been her since four o'clock this morning. We had to be here for dance practice and have another hour of it." Junhyung said but did see to thrilled about it. "After that we have a meeting on the concept we want for this album . When we come up with a concept then we'll have a album jacket photo shoot. Those can take forever." Yoseob said and sat down. Eun Ah walked away from the counter and sat down with them. She looked at Hyunseung who was deep into his phone. Though from the looks of it he was asleep. She shook her head and listened to the boys talk about the songs Junhyung wrote this time. Eun Ah admired how hard he would work for Beast and how much he enjoyed composing many of their songs. Last year he went solo and even though he didn't win he did however have a success in sales with his album. She remembered him telling her that he was proud on what he did and loved the B2UTIES for the great success.Few minutes passed and the other two boys walked back in with food. Hyunseung's head shot up when he saw the food. Everyone laughed as they ate and talked. Eun Ah went back behind the counter and made Gikwang and Doojoon their coffee. When she did the Doojoon walked up and took the coffee from her and thanked her. She smiled and then went back to her office to see how sales were in the days she was gone and what she need to order for inventory.~<~>~<~>~Doojoon sat on the dance floor trying to catch his breath. After they had breakfast ad. The coffee Eun Ah made for them they had to go back to practice. The concept for the new album which was coming out in weeks time they had to think about it. Which was why they were having a meeting with the president. The dance they were practicing for was some what complicated but easy once they had the steps down. "Come on hyung we have to go. Lunch will be waiting for us when we get to the conference room." Yoseob was standing next to Doojoon as he spoke. Doojoon moaned and got up with little energy he had. Once he was up everyone else followed as they walked out to go to the meeting. The meeting didn't last long as the thought when the entered. The concept the president came up with the planing department that they were planing have the boys have the broken up concept. The title song they were going to do the had an idea for the music video and asked Doojoon to be the lead this time. He said ok and had no disagreement on what he had to do. Also the members were asked to have the gentleman ideal look. The members agreed and when there was nothing add they were free to go. Everyone had something to do after the meeting. Yoseob was working on a musical, Hyunseung went back to the dance practice room, Junhyung went to his work studio to write more songs, Dongwoon went home to work on studies, Gikwang was able to go home and rest though he went to the dance practice room with Hyunseung, and Doojoon well he was able to go home for an hour before appearing on a talk show. He decide to stay and then leave for the talk show. He went down and sat in the café noticing that Eun Ah wasn't out front. He told himself not worry or go looking for her. He forced himself to look at his phone but every time someone walked by him he would look up to see if it was Eun Ah or not. He was irritated with himself and all night the kept thinking on what if he don't break up with her she wouldn't be cold or with someone else. "Doojoon it's time to go." His manager said. Doojoon sighed and stood up to follow his manager to the van. The drive to the talk show was short and the filming went fast to were he was happy to hear he was able to go home the talk show he was on was able the plans for Beast for the recast of the year and when the next Beautiful Show was. Doojoon answered saying that Beast was working hard to make another album and for a Beautiful Show they were still talking about it. Again when he was done he was taken back to Cube to get his car. Once he was in his car when went home and when he arrived back at his place he made dinner. There wasn't much to his dinner besides that it was healthy and would give him energy. He want to sleep but he knew if he went to sleep know he would be up at three in the morning. Once he finished eating he washed dishes and checked social media seeing how happy the b2utys were to hear about another album. He even saw on his time line for Facebook he was tagged in multiple photos from the reunion. He stopped on one photo that was from the time he was in school and was with Eun Ah.He remembered that it was that day he told the guys about the two of them and he was planing on asking her to be his girlfriend officially. He smiled at the though on how the boys reacted. He shook his head and figured he should go to bed with another busy day ahead of him. In the process of falling asleep he though back about that day before drifting into sleep.~<~>~<~>~ "Ok repeat on what you just said?" Joon asked giving Doojoon a confused look. Doojoon just told the guys that he ad. Eun Ah were dating and they haven't officially confirmed their relationship. "Eun Ah and I are dating. Tonight when I walked her home I'm going to asked her if she would like to be my official girlfriend." Doojoon said while looking away. With that Joon punched him and then Chang Do and Alex joined in. The guys were jealous to know that their best friends were dating. All but Doojoon secretly had a crush on Eun Ah and never had the guts to her tat they liked her. They hated on how Doojoon had the np guts to tell her that he liked let alone asked her out on a date."Yah what was that for!" Doojoon asked running away. "We are just jealous and wish we had your charm to get the girl of our dreams." All three boys yelled at the same time."What are you guys talking about?" A sweet voice behind them asked. The boys turned around to see Eun Ah with her school bag. They didn't have club after school and were able to go home like the rest of their classmates. "Nothing did you get all your things?" Doojoon spoke up first and asked."Yes I have everything. Do you want to get something from the café today?" She asked. The guys looked at her and then glared at Doojoon. Eun Ah wasn't a fool and knew that the guys were jealous of Doojoon."Sure lets go before all the good stuff is all gone." Doojoon grabbed her hand and the two walked out of the school gate together leaving the three guys watching in awe."We are so spying on them." Joon said and the other two followed as Joon started to follow the love birds.~~~~~~~~"So how was class today?" Doojoon asked her when they arrived at the café."It went ok though I dozed off a few times." She said taking a bite from the parfait that Doojoon bought for the two of them."You shouldn't doze in class." He held her hand as he ate."I know but today the lessons were so boring." She looked at him and then notice three heads on the other side of the café. "I think we are being followed." "I figured they would. I told them about us and they went to happy about it." Doojoon said as he glanced behind him and saw the three heads."Hmm so that is why I saw them beating you." Doojoon said nothing and nodded while playing with her fingers. After a few minutes they got up and walked around town hand in hand talking about random things. When he reached the park near her house he stopped her."What is it Doojoon?" She asked."I want to ask if you would officially become my girlfriend." "Hmmmm though I already was your girlfriend but to officially be your girlfriend..." She hesitated and then the thing she did next was unexpected. She kissed him and he was surprised by he action. She pulled back and looked at him. "Yes I will be your girlfriend."Doojoon smiled and this time he kissed her. When he did that he felt something cold hit his back. He turned to see the guys throwing water balloons. Doojoon laughed and shielded Eun Ah from getting hurt though she was hit a few times. "I never knew you three would get this jealous." Eun Ah said after there was no water balloons left."We are np just hurt that you guys are now telling us." Alex said and had his back to them acting like a child.Eun Ah laughed and hugged herself when the sky started to grow dark. Doojoon grabbed a sweatshirt from his bag and gave it to her. "I should get her home before her father comes out." Doojoon said and left to walked her home. When the arrived in front her gate he kissed her and told her to go in before she catches a cold. She nodded and walked in the house before waving him goodbye. Doojoon smiled like a fool on his way home.~<~>~<~>~Doojoon wasn't able to sleep once he remembered with him asking her to be his and their first kiss. So he got up from his bed. Without thinking he grabbed his keys and walked out to his car. Without knowing where he he was going he ended up in front of Eun Ah's place. Waking up to he door he pounded his fist as a form of knocking. Eun Ah was half asleep on her couch when she heard the pounding on the door. She got up from the couch thinking it was a drunk looking for someone. When she opened the door she wasn't expecting the person pounding on her door to be Doojoon."Doojoon what are you doing here?" She asked. He didn't answer and pushed his way through the door. She didn't know why he was here but had an idea that he was here to talk. Doojoon turned to face her and without answering her question he kissed her. When he kissed her he knew that his feelings for her have never changed and the way she was kissing him back her feelings for him stayed the same for him as well.

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