We got married 2pm result

😭 but he not my bias okay I'll accept he must be one hella of a kisser lol

This is a prom dress )-_-) Jin had gotten me a better one but than again he left me (TAT)

Eh.... Their alright I mean Jin had gotten me like 3 but you know that him lol

WOW never mind this is beautiful he really did it this time lol I still hate the dress but I guess it's better for you know hehe quickie in the storage room xP jk jk nasty nasty

It's a cozy house for like a small family

That house better have a basement with some room because we should did get it on to have this many kids His pull out skill were weak lol jk I need a life haha

This was fun here the link for the game https://www.vingle.net/posts/1445770?isrc=v

안녕하세요! I'm vinny!
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