Welcome to Stardew Valley, Where You Will Spend the Rest of Your Life

I spent most of my morning watching YouTube videos and looking for indie games to buy so I can download them later and play them maybe 3 or 4 times before I die. But then I came across Stardew Valley. I saw the link, I heard the game described as something very Harvest Moon-esque. And honestly, that made me roll my eyes.

"You won't like this game!" I thought to myself. But then I clicked on the trailer...

And everything changed.

I know what you're thinking! Don't judge me! I don't care if the game is solely about farming and being a involving yourself in the local community and falling in love/maybe having a baby. But listen. Just watch the trailer. And listen to the music and the sound effects. Let Stardew Valley enrapture you.

Do you hear the music? Do you hear the Valley's call? It's asking for you. The Valley wants you to stay, set your roots down, and live off the land. The Valley needs your support. The Valley runs on the life of human beings. There is only happiness here.

Don't you want eternal happiness? Don't you want to wake up every morning with a smile on your face? Don't you want to feel like you're a part of something bigger? You can do that here in the Valley. We're calling you. We need you. Feed us. Feed your urges for an eternal life filled with happiness and crops. Don't expect to not work for your happiness.

Enjoy the sun and the farm and your life in Stardew Valley. We need you.

Stardew Valley is available on Steam and GOG.

i did all that i could.
4.7 Star App Store Review!
The Communities are great you rarely see anyone get in to an argument :)
Love Love LOVE

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