Is It Love? part 3

You guys have been going to movies, dinners, parties, walks on the beach. Everything seemed perfect but while you went to buy groceries you saw something you didn't want to see....You try so hard to hold in ur tears. Just wanting to scream till you can't anymore. You wanted to break things.

"why me?" I looked across the street and see Jimin with his arm across another girl. "He's smiling" I can feel a tear rolling down my cheek. paparazis started crowding around them. Taking pictures of them. "What if he's dating her?" Im shaking my head not wanting to think they are together. "We made eye contact, SHIT!" I can see him looking at me concerned. I began to run not wanting to look back. I got to my apartment and slammed the door. I didn't know what to do or think. Grabbing my hair in frustration. I hear my phone ringing. *Ring ring* "Its jimin" "No I shouldnt" I grabbed my phone and answered. I didn't want to say anything so I stayed quiet. "(y/n), are you ok?" I stayed silence knowing I would cry if I talked. "Hey do you want to go to see a movie later today?" I can feel myself raging inside. He's acting as if nothing happened. "WHY DON'T YOU GO WITH THAT GIRL YOU HAD YOUR ARM AROUND EARLIER!" I shut my phone instantly before he can say anything. I curled up in a ball crying. ****Hours later***** I hear a knock on my door. My eyes are so red. Didn't know i cried myself to sleep. I peered threw a crack at my door. I saw a strange boy that I dont remember ever knowing. "Yes may I help you?" tried so hard not to make eye contact. "Yes is this (y/n)'s apartment?" "Yes that's me." He grabs my hand and takes me outside to see a black car waiting for me. "Whats going on. Who are you!?" "Ill tell you if you just get in the car please." I looked at him strangely thinking if I should go in or not. "Fine" I hopped in the car. Most of the car ride was silent. "So are you gonna tell me your name?" "My name is Taehyung but you can call me Tae. I was sent to be watching over you by Jimin." "I can take care of myself." "Yeah sure, look who's eyes are still red from crying." He hands me his handkerchief. Tae starts wiping me face. "I said I can handle myself!" ***silence**** "Where are we going anyway?" "He wanted me to make sure u were ok. He knows you saw him with that one girl." "Who is she anyway?" "Nothing to worry about don't worry." He grabs my hand in confert. I can feel myself blushing. He stops the car. "We are here." "Where are we?" It was dark. He opened my door and held his hand out. "He told me to make sure your ok. So I am taking you to a place where ik for sure you will like. I grabbed his hand and he covered my eyes. "Where are you taking me I said I was fine." He released his hands from my eyes. I gasped trying to breathe. "Oh my God. Its beautiful"

So what you guys think? I'm sorry if it's late I'll try to post every week. Do you think Tae is gonna mess things up with you and Jimin or no? The beauties:@Ercurrent@tinathellama@KaeliShearer@Orihemay@tiffany1922@BridgetJara@KoreanDramaMaMa@kyky97@KristinaCaron@BrendaPham@Bizzycx@MomoChamie@MykelHobbs

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