Let's exchange language!

Hello guys!

I'm coolsick , and.. I'm Korean!

I came here to ask you guys if anyone wants to exchange language!

The way how I'm gonna do this is ..

I will ask you guys to correct some English sentences

(which Korean side ppl wrote)

and get some English sentences from you guys that you want to know in Korean. (and then we will translate that in to Korean and write a card here)

If you want to join this project

please correct(or answer) the sentences below and

write any sentences that you want to get Korean translation.

1. I felt gloomy all day. I thought why my mood is bad but I couldn't find the reason. So, I tried to concentrate on studying or watching Tv to make me feel better. It is better than before. Hopefully tomorrow good things will happen.

2. He is ugly but also he is handsome. Because he act handsome. Before i watch his acting,i think he is so ugly. But after that i watched it, i felt he is very very handsome.

3. I wonder difference between under two sentences.

You look good.

You look nice.


wow you guys are awsome!!!

I'm very impressed.... XD

Anyway the sentences that you guys asked for translating in Korean will be done

next week.

Since I have to write card in Korean side too

March 6th.

and.. I think you guys can get sentences in Korean on 8th or 9th.

Anyway! thank you guys!

안녕하세요; ㅋ
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