Waifu Wednesday: HUSBANDO EDITION!!!

Hey everyone!!

Today's special edition of Waifu Wednesday.....is all about YOUR FAVORITE HUSBANDO!!! Seems a little weird, I know, but it only seems fair that we give the guys some love too, you know?

SO MAKE CARDS about your favorite Husbando, tag me, and I'll clip them!!!

Tagging the WW crew (you can still just make waifu cards if you want hehe)

@invinsybll@Yatosgirl@NeckoNecko@DustinAtkinson@BlackoutZJ@KillerJuggalo38@ShinigamiSan@KoalaKohai@Animefanatic18@Firelion999@JadaDiemand@assasingod@NikolasSatterwh@NeshrinFletcher@tayhar18920@tbell2@tylor619cruz@CalebSharp@ThomasJennings@Danse@Slimbrown13@kawaiiporpoise@DaiGakuSei @AidanGiannattas@ChristianRankmo@MajahnNelson@MarcusCollins @Craigness@VoidX

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