Markson + You 5ever

Heading to the gradation party felt like it really was good bye. As I was walking up to the reception building with my girlfriends the butterflies hit hard. I felt a little light headed. Once inside we all greeted and waved at everyone else we knew. I wasn't paying much attention though, I was just trying to look for them. Too many people were filing in so I gave up and headed for my table. Once I sat down I saw Mark and Jackson at the table next to mine, on the opposite side, facing me. We were about to eat so they just waved excitedly and I waved back matching their excitement. We had been friends for as long as I can remember. Not as close as my girly friends but there was never a memorable moment where they weren't involved. We had all finished eating for the most part and music started playing, so people were standing and dancing now. I made eye contact and smiled a few times with Mark and Jackson, waiting for the right moment to go over, I guess. It's not like me at all, but I was so nervous and I couldn't figure out why. I looked over for the last time, finally deciding to go over but when I locked on to Jackson, he didn't smile back. I froze. Anger, sadness, regret all flashed across his face in an instant. I had subconsciously stood up and started walking around the table. Unfair by EXO was playing when I pushed myself through the crowd and flung my arms around Jackson. Jackson held me so tight, rocking slightly, only letting go a little to pet my hair and nuzzle my neck. He finally grabbed my shoulders to hold me out and look me up and down. He mumbled something I couldn't hear over the music, all I heard was "...wish you wouldn't wear things like this..." I glanced down for a second in confusion... just skinny jeans, Vans, and a white v-neck t-shirt...then back at his face (V too deep? Too clingy?). He was looking at me with a serious hunger. He blushed and a second later, the goofy Jackson came back to playfully pushed me into Mark. Mark effortlessly caught me, picked me up in a bear hug and spun me around, cutely growling into my collar bone. I was giggling and squirming like a toddler. He set me down and gently cupped my face, looking me right in the eyes. Mark's smile was so big, his face so angelic, his gaze so intense I could almost feel the love pouring out of him. I thought my heart would explode, and I could feel Jackson watching. I started blushing and buried my face in Mark's chest. When I looked back up, Jackson had come closer. He was reachimg for us both. Mark turned to comfortably face Jackson while still holding on to me. Jackson rested his head on Mark's shoulder caressing his waist with one hand and interlocking my fingers with the other. We just stood like that looking back and forth at each other, swaying to the music, smiling, giggling, not saying a word. Just bundle of love, knowing we'd never really say goodbye. Best friends, soul mates, forever. Five-ever ♡

Got7 Team:@PrettieeEmm@VeronicaArtino@MaricelvaRomero@AaliyahNewbell@UnnieCakesAli@luna1171 I'm sorry I haven't been posting for the Got7 Team :(( I've been really sick and forced to work overtime since last week! This was actually one of my dreams and it made me feel so happy so I thought I would turn it into a lil story and share it with my fellow IGOT7'S!!

I've only ever written one other dream/story before so I'm sorry if it's confusing or silly lol
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