Should The Knicks Add Ty Lawson

The Knicks, for the most part, have been a pleasant surprise this year.

Many expected the Knicks to be horrible again this year, but the team has put forth a respectable product this year. The Knicks are 6 games out of the playoff race, and have already amassed twice as many wins as the team won the entire year last year. Carmelo has played great ball, and the pick of Kristaps Porzingis was a home run.

The team isn't too far out to make a push for the playoffs. While the frontcourt is solid the point guard position has been an eyesore all year. Luckily, the Knicks have a chance to grab a diamond in the rough in Ty Lawson.

While Lawson has been a headache this year in Houston, physically he has the skills to be everything the Knicks need this year.

Lawson is fully equipped to elevate this team with his skillset. He is blazing quick with the ball, a solid shooter and great distributor. He also has the foot speed to stay in front of opposing point guards in the NBA, which has been a huge issue for Jose Calderon this year.

If the Knicks wait until the off-season, their best options would be Mike Conley or Rondo (which has said he wouldn't play in the triangle offense, so they would have to junk it if they really wanted him.) While he isn't either of those guys, Lawson is no slouch. If the Knicks can nab him off waivers, why not give this kid a shot?

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Should the Knicks add Ty Lawson via waivers?

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