LoL: Bronze V Struggles

See that right there? That's a screenshot of the lobby after my team won a definitive victory in a ranked game.

You'll notice who carried the team the most here. Fizz did.

You'll also notice that Fizz is me.


This is what gets me riled up. I know I'm not great at the game, but I also know damn well I'm better than my current Bronze V ranking. I am at least a Silver V capable player. Since I was bronze last year, even though I won 6-7 of my provisional games, I was shafted all the way down to the bottom of Bronze.

It fucks me up, because how do I get placed at the very bottom, even after winning provisional matches? How the fuck does Riot figure that out? What algorithm is running wrong to let that happen?

I don't know. I just know that I'm stuck in the worst rung of the worst ladder and it's a trap, virtually impossible to escape from.

Does anyone else have beef with the way League handles rankings?

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