These are the abs that caught my attention. ^^^

Here are some lovely pictures of my Bae. Isn't he just so cute?


1. His voice. Deep, guttural, sexy, stirring. It's the perfect tone and pitch to perfectly compliment the angelic vocals of his members. His voice really does compliment them well. And it stirs something inside me when I hear it. On top of rapping, talking, and whispering the crap out of everything, he can actually sing too. He doesn't do it often, but when he does it gives me chills. This clip is from After School Club with VIXX sub-unit LR. You can hear Ravi sing at 3;26.

2. He's talented. Have you heard him spit raps? No? This song is my jam right now. I'm about to get turnt up in here! I'm a go go go go ghost! Just watch the video and you will understand. Sidenote: those red pants...

3. I love how close he is with the other members and how well he treats them. I especially love his relationship with Leo. See, Leo is a very special kid. He's shy and awkward and is easily embarrassed and suffers from anxiety. He looks tough (suffers from a serious case of permanent RBF), but he's really soft and gooey on the inside. He's easily exhausted by social interaction and being around other people (especially those he doesn't know) drains him. Ravi gets Leo. He understands Leo. They work well together and Ravi understands how to interact with Leo when Leo is just done with a situation. You can tell Leo is very comfortable around Ravi and he can be himself and be at ease with Ravi. This video is just too cute. Please watch and enjoy the WonTaek moments like I did.

4. He makes me laugh and that is an important quality in a bias. He's a huge, goofy, dork!!! He's too much fun to watch. I would love to just hang out with him for a day.



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