Chapter 3: I think I love you

Kris woke up with his chest hurting. He was in a room that he knew well. It was Chanyeol’s room. Kris would sleep in Chanyeol’s room when he was out working, but why was in here? “Oh, you’re awake” it was Chanyeol. He was sitting on the couch across from the bed reading a book “Chanyeol? Why am I in your room?” Kris asked “You passed out from being choked by D.O last night. Your room wasn’t ready yet so I brought you in my room. I didn’t want the other to do any more harm to you” he answered while putting his book down Kris sat up wincing as held his chest from hurting “So the others aren’t happy that I’m back it seems” he looked down playing with his fingers “It’s not that. It’s just...they’re upset because when you left we were all heartbroken. Tao and I the most. We were all upset that your sister left, then Kwangmin and Youngmin left….and the last to leave in 2014 was you.” Chanyeol walked over to Kris and sat on the best next to him “But why did D.O attack me like that? It was like he wanted to kill me within a minute” Kris said looking up at Chanyeol “I’m not sure why D.O did that but something was going on his head that made him attack you. We were all surprised that he did that. We’ve never seen him like that." Chanyeol answered Kris “But what if everyone else tries to hurt me? Then what? I’ll just be running away my whole life I’ll be helpless” Chanyeol could tell that Kris was scared. He could see it in his eyes and he could hear it from his voice. “I won’t let them hurt you. I’ll protect you with my life” Chanyeol looked at Kris with a serious face Kris looked up at Chanyeol then hugged him “Thank you Chanyeol” Chanyeol held Kris and thought something “I think I love you Kris” To be continued… Tagging the people who were interested @DestinaByrd@JessicaEvaristo @PrincessUnicorn@nnatalieg@sarabella@ninjamidori@RedChord@KaeliShearer@Tiffany1922@JackieG1617

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