Get Fit the Kpop Way!!

Hi guys Working out can be a bore sometimes. Especially without music. So for you fit kpop lovers I created a playlist to get you through your workout and have fun while doing it. I'll be doing these by artist- giving you a couple of songs of each. (Note: these are a few of the songs I listen to while working out, my list is endless)

First off, Got7 Their catchy upbeat songs make running or simply working out exciting and fun! Songs: "A" "If You Do" "Girls Girls Girls" "Stop Stop it" "Feelin' Good"

Next on the list we have Infinite! Their strong beats makes it easy to keep pace and power through. Songs: "Bad" "Back" "Paradise" "Follow Me"

Then we have BTS! Their strong vocals and rap make lifting weights or riding bikes easy and fun! Songs: "N.O" "We Are Bulletproof pt.2" "Boyz With Fun" "Run" "Ma City" "Boy In Luv"

Next we have 4 minute Their upbeat songs encourage you to push through those last few reps. Songs: "Whatcha Doin Today" "Crazy" "Hate"

Finally we have B.A.P Their strong rap verses and the anthem like songs energize you to plow through your workout. Songs: "Warrior" "Young Wild Free" "One Shot" "Feel So Good"

I hope you guys like the songs and work hard to get your own Jimin abs !!


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