Wild & Sexy Jackson One shot as Promised a Day Late


I really miss his dark hair!! I totally do...so that is a hint of what will be going on in this one shot of you the reader and Jackson. I hope you enjoy and once again sorry it is a day late.. Mianhe


I sit in our apartment alone in the dark. Sitting here fuming over what he has done to my favorite feature of his. I put headphones in and play music. I sit silently fuming letting it get on my nerves. I have no idea what they where thinking making him dye his lovely hair to a very light color. I bet it won't even look good.

I love his dark hair. It makes him so sexy! I love running my hair through his locks. I especially love when kissing I can pull on those dark locks and it makes him moan. I know the color doesn't have to do with me pulling his hair. But his darks locks are what drew me to him especially the way he would run his hands through his hair.

My phone dings with notification he updated his IG and sent me a picture message. I refuse to open it. I will not cheat and wait for him to come home to see it in person. I ignore his calls and text messages. I just sit here in the dark in the corner on the loveseat. I sit in that chair and wait for him. I start to drift to sleep when I hear the click of the door unlocking.

He comes into the apartment. He tiptoes to our room. He hasn't turned the lights on yet so he has not noticed me. He goes into the room closes the door. I see the light go on. Not even a moment a later he comes out of the room in a panic. He uses his phone to call mine. I press ignore.

The room illuminates him from behind. I see him with his new light hair and I don't like it right away because it makes him look different but not in a bad way. He looks good, even I have to admit more sexy. He still hasn't turned on the lights. He gets my voicemail and leaves a very panic message.

"Baby love, why aren't you answering or responding? Where are you? Are you safe? I am freaking out. I didn't know me changing my hair would have this much affect on you. Why would you leave me over something like this. Love, please answer your phone or call me right back. Just let me know you are safe." He starts to choke up and tear a little bit. He is now by the light. I close my eyes the minute he turns the light on and pretend sleep.

He looks around the apartment. I feel his eyes land on me and I hear his sigh of relief. He comes over to me and strokes my hair and caresses my cheek. He leans down and kisses my cheek. I give a small fleeting smile. He puts one arm under my knees and the other around my back and carries me to our room. I look up at him in the full light. He smiles down at me.

I bring my hand up to his hair and run my hand through it. He is always sexy no matter what. Even more girls will want him. One day he will realize I am not enough. I frown. He notices. He kisses my head.

"Baby love, it's just hair and I can change it back if it upsets you this much."

"No, Jackson you look sexy like this too. I am not mad anymore."

"Then why the frown," he asks as he lays me down on our bed.

I scoot back up to headboard and pull the blankets down to get under them. I turn my head and mumble into the pillow "one day you realize you can get so many girls better than me and leave."

He crawls up the bed and turns my head back to him. Kisses my forehead "you are so beautiful," kisses my cheeks, "so kind," kisses my nose, "such beautiful and expressive eyes" and kisses my eyes. I smile and "You have the greatest smile it warms my heart and gives me butterflies." He leans in and captures my lips in a kiss. "When I picture my future you are in it beside me rocking our grandkids to sleep. I see forever with you."

Tears run down my face. "My heart is yours now and forever Jackson. I like the new hair but love your old hair better. When you get the chance after this comeback please change it back for me! I kiss him long and hard."

"Anything for you love. Now lets get to sleep." He wraps me up in his arms and pulls the cover over us and in minutes we are asleep living in our future dreams.


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