Another World

With your hands touching mine I felt the galaxies to collide And the breaths getting high to the beats of the soul We danced in each other arms, feeling the hearts to become whole As this certain dream was resting in my mind I wrapped your hand into mine, not to lose its sight We rested again to dream together about the dance As the sun was about to come out to kill our chance Like an endless serenity, we danced to our heartbeats And I kissed your hand and soft lips in between Moments passed by, as we get more trapped in this another world As we swam in the clouds and flew with fishes in the ocean We made this new world, our new home As this was a place where we both were totally alone Silent were the nights, albeit our love roared And we lay on the cool sand under the moonlight which poured The flowers filled with her scent And butterflies full of her colors ascent I was lost in this beautiful world of us Where she was happy with just me around her As the last moment before resting, we remember Was a fall to anguish the burning ember As we reached the floor, we both were stoned forever And opened our eyes in this world we now live happily together May be this is the world just for we two souls But nothing as pretty and true can be as this beautiful to be sure In the real world, we couldn't be always on the same page But here I can be for her all, with her till all of our age

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