Foreign Flower (A BigBang Novel)

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Chapter 9

Mornings are spent in the studio with the choreographer, teaching the back up dancers new steps. Late afternoons when you're not busy, you pop back in to the studio and work with the trainees, getting along with some and feeling the awkward tension with others. The day of the trainee showcase for YG was a few days before the first day of filming the new music video with BigBang. You hadn't seen any of the members since the day they waved goodbye in the plane, but the snapchats kept coming in on a regular basis.

You show up that the morning in your dance gear, ready to rehearse one last time with the different groups of trainees before the performances began. The showcase was taking place in one of the ballrooms of the building. The staff had expanded the stage and set up rows of chairs for those who were coming to the show.

“I'm nervous, sunbae” one of the female trainees confesses to you when you set your things down.

“Just feel the music in your veins and forget about the rest. You've worked hard so you'll do great,” you smile at her. She nods then bows as a thank you for your advice.

“Aren't you cold?” another male trainees approaches you and points at your clothes.

You chuckle, “Not really, but rehearsal will get the blood pumping so I'll warm up faster."

“Everyone, take your places for our last rehearsal! Remember what you have a stake and work hard!” the choreographer claps his hands in encouragement as he walks in.

You and the choreographer take your spots at the front corners of the stage as the first trainee group settles in. The groups rotated turns while the audience began to fill in. The CEO enters the room and takes a spot in the front with the trainee managers, in the middle of the rehearsals. Se7en, Winner, and Psy come in to observe the trainees and take their seats for the showcase.

From time to time, the choreographer would stop and leave you to lead by yourself as he walked around the groups and corrected their steps. When the last female trainee group got up for their last rehearsal, the queens, 2NE1, had taken their seats with the rest of the YG family.

You take a moment to drink some water then hop back on stage and go over last minute tips with the girls before the music began. The last rehearsal seemed to drag on since it was a combination of two different songs, but helping out the girls when the choreographer was leading kept you focused and enjoying the moment. At the end, the choreographer rounded up all the groups on stage for a quick pep talk.

“Let's give a hand to my assist,” the choreographer cheers, making the trainees chant for a speech.

You blush at their enthusiasm then run a hand through your hair, “I don't know what to say, honestly,” you laugh nervously. “It's an honor to work with such amazing young artists, thank you all for allowing me to help out whenever I was needed and for putting up with my elderly moves.”

“You're amazing, sunbae!”

“Please continue to guide us!”

“Stay and watch us!” The trainees called out different things.

“I'll be here for sure, make me proud!” you smile then pull everyone in for a team cheer.

You jump off stage and bow to the CEO, he bows back and congratulates you for the hard work you've put in with the trainees. You tie your hair into a bun and slide on a light jacket to zip up and keep you warm when your body cools. You take your seat in the back with the choreographer and watch the trainee groups preform their routines to the YG family, and secretly high five-ing the choreographer whenever the trainees would nail key moves.

At the end of the showcase, all of the groups come on stage and bow, thanking everyone for their time. The choreographer gets up to talk to the CEO and leaves you alone in the back.

“Well, my work here is done,” you sigh and get up with your stuff.

“So you were cheating that day!” a voice calls out behind you.

You turn around towards the noise and see the BigBang guys approaching with Seung-Ri pointing at you with a grin.

You cross your arms across your chest and lean on one leg, trying to look as sassy as possible, "Excuse me?"

“That time we played the dancing game at your place,” Tae-Yang clarifies.

A sweet smile sprouts on your lips, “How was I cheating, exactly?”

“You can dance!” Dae-Sung laughs, pointing towards the stage.

“And well,” TOP adds in.

“What are you talking about? I was sitting here the whole-”

“Bullshit,” Ji-Yong cut you off. “We got an anonymous tip saying that you were the assist choreographer so we all came running from the recording studio to see if it was actually true. Plus, you can't really fool us with your clothes.”

You smirk, “You'll came running huh? Well tell me how being able to dance is cheating? You guys know how to dance too.”

Tae-Yang's eyes begin to smile, “that's different.”

You tap your foot, “I'm waiting for you to tell me how,” you sass.

All five guys avoid your gaze, you sigh and unwrap your bun, letting your hair fall carelessly on your shoulders as you bask in the glory of winning an argument against BigBang.

"If you know those routines, do you know our routines?" Ji-Yong bites his lip as he asks.

You stretch your arms over your head as an excuse to look away and lightly shrug, "Good question, maybe, maybe not."

“Hey!” your best friend appears through the doorway and runs over to you. “Congratulations!”

You raise an eyebrow, “On?”

“Obviously working so hard,” she grins.

“I'm still mad at you,” you cross your arms again.

“Mad? Why she mad?” TOP asks your best friend in English with his heavy accent.

“Because she's-” you lunge at your best friend with the attempt to cover her mouth with your hands but she dodges you quickly and hides behind the members for further protection. “She's the lead female actress for the music video we'll be filming on Thursday!”

It didn't take much for the guys to mental process and translate what she had stated but when they did, all five of them turn to look at you with mischievous expressions painted and onto their faces.

“Not a word out of any of you!” you hiss threateningly, embarrassed by their sudden interest, then storm off without looking back.

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