My Life with BTS

It's been a while since I posted one of these, been lagging on the Vinglesphere. And of course that's when all of these awesome screenshot games appear!! But never fear! I plan to do all of them! Some time! Because I have no life! Haha! I was tagged by the lovely@Isolate And this bad boy right here was created by@Koinii. I'm still a bit hazy on the details here so I'm not sure how to link in the original card... it's this confounded technology I tell you...


Ahhhh!! It's so exciting I know! Let's do this!

Jin. Seokjin. Yes, I appreciated his beauty, food devouring abilities, and general sass but there wasn't an attraction between us. Until I saw him wearing big old glasses. I never knew I was into dudes with glasses, especially since I hate the way I look with glasses, but damn. One look at him with those spectacles and I bid my panties adieu.

The thrist is real. Can I get an amen?

Cheated with Jungkookie? Me? Sacre bleu! Well I mean, he is my bias*, the one who made me interested in BTS. Now that's a bond not easily broken. Not to mention he has those thighs that could choke a bear... he is the Golden Maknae after all. *subject to change without warning. My BTS bias changes like the season, fluctuates like the tide.

Hammered with Rapmonie. Sounds like a hell of a time to me. Now I'm not much of a drinker, but the times I do partake in liquor I get pretty silly. Namjoon doesn't strike me as one who drinks a lot, but I imagine he can hold his booze pretty well. We'd probably babble on about life, dreams, stupid jokes, and everything in between. Sign me up!

Suga, Suga, looking mighty fine in that blue hoodie. Suga and I have a lot in common. We're both sarcastic, occasionally grumpy, avid sleepers even though due to our lives can't sleep as much as we want. So i think there would be a lot of understanding there. He supported me through hard times, I hope he's there during good times as well.

Let me get this straight. I dated Jin then I was lucky enough to marry my Princess? Our love weathered indiscretions, many a battle over munchies, and underhanded tricks at Mario. Our combined awkwardness cannot be beat. Truly a romance for the ages. Certainly a hell of a lot better than Romeo and Juliet.

Now I swear I didn't fix this. This is just pure unfiltered screenshot magic. What are the odds I'd date, marry, and have a kid with the same guy? In a random screenshot game. Let me just take a moment to imagine how beautiful our child would be. And lanky. And awkward. Oh god and the voracious appetite... Actually, I'm terrified. Why did I want to imagine that in first place?

Now I was a bit confused as to what this image meant. Would our kid be a hermaphrodite, trans? Or does this mean a boy and a girl as in more than one child? As much as im sure we would love our kid no matter what, I took it as multiple babies. Guess who got it on with Seokjin not once but twice?! Probably more! This chick! ;)

What fun! I just love these. They're so silly. And I just look the look on boo's face in this picture. So much joy, so snooty. I cherish him.


And I can't figure out how to get rid of this random Kookie gif. So enjoy! Tagging some of da peeps @ashleyemmert @VeronicaArtino

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