Foreign Flower (A BigBang Novel)

Hello and Welcome! :D The 10th episode of Foreign Flower is about to begin! <3 Please take a moment to breathe with me. Inhale-2-3-4. Exhale-2-3-4. Inhale-2-3-4. Exhale-2-3-4. Inhale-2-3-4. Exhale-2-3-4. Now. FANGIRL! XDD *clears throat* Ahem. I mean.... stay calm. :3 New reader? Start from the beginning in order to understand the situation and receive maximum feels! > Preface (They all have links to the next chapter and since we are at the 10th chapter, it'd make this sleeve longer than it should be..... So I'm just putting up the beginning. Or click here for my collection!) *(Author's side note: Apparently, this is the 50th card I've ever made, so please enjoy the chapter even more as a celebration!) **(Author's 2nd side note: Shout out to@Kpossible4250 - Happy Destroy Kim's Feels Day!! :DD #iregretnothing) Please, enjoy! <3 :)

Chapter 10 “Wake up Miss Actress!” your best friend jumps on your bed early morning. “We've got to get you showered and ready to go because fame awaits you!” “I quit,” you grumble, pulling the blankets over your head. “Oh no you don't,” she pulls off the blankets then turns on the stereo to play BigBang's music. She drags your limbless body off the bed and shoves you into the bathroom. “You'll thank me one day,” she yells through the door. Like a video on fast forward, you're out of the shower, dressed, fed, and locking the apartment behind you. You and your best friend switch between running and walking to YG Entertainment, praying that the staff hadn't left yet. You arrive just in the nick of time and instantly get rushed into one of the vans with your best friend. You lean back into the seat and catch your breath, leaning on your best friend as she pulls out her notes and begins to review for the work to come. The grass shined a healthy dewy green, flower bushes outlined the drive way into a beautiful park. “Where are we?” you whisper to her as you hop off the van. “I believe it's called The Garden of Morning Calm,” she grabs her bags and starts heading towards the camera crew. “What are we doing here?” you chase after her like a child glued to a mother. “Oh you curious kitten, we're shooting the music video. Well, the first part of it, we may have to fly to France to get a good castle setting if the set isn't finished soon.” “Wait, what? Why? What's a castle got to do with all of this?” you exclaim, searching for any sign of weakness on her face to grab a hold of. “Don't worry about it, go get dressed your highness!” she pushes you to the makeup tent that had finished setting up. <<I need to start paying attention to the details of the production part of YG>> you chew on your lip as you take a seat on the high chair. “Oh, I've always wanted to do this type of look!” one of the make-up artists gushes as she approaches you. “You're so lucky! I've heard that the dress is just gorgeous!” “Shush, noona! She doesn't know the details!” one of the managers laughed. “What? What don't I know? C'mon, the suspense is eating at me!” you whine, crossing your fingers with faith that someone will cave and tell you the details. “Shh, just sit here and be still,” one of the hairdressers untied your hair tie and began to massage your scalp, making your eyelids flutter in pure bliss. Hair extensions were clipped into your hair to give extra length. The stylist curls your hair and braids a crown of hair on top to insert small flowers, then pins the remaining hair into a cascade of curls down your neck and over your shoulders. You open your mouth to ask to look in the mirror but a make-up artist takes over immediately and commands you to close your eyes so she could cover you with foundation. “I can do my make-up if you need to go help out with the guys,” you mumble when your face gets a chance to move. “I'm done anyways,” her voice was soft with complete focus as she finished dabbing your parted lips with lip balm. You open your eyes slowly, like a child waking up after a delightful nap under the warm sun. “I get to see now?” your lips curl into a smile. “Nope, time is ticking. Straight to wardrobe for you, princess,” the make-up artist giggles and stands you up to lead you to another tent. “Tres belle! Completely how I imagined!” your best friend greets you as soon as you walk into the tent. Your hands move to twist the curls that hanged loosely at your side. “I still don't understand what's going on.....” your voice trails once you notice the pair of eyes focused on you. “All will be explained in a few moments,” she replies in a voice you knew meant she was up to no good. You eye her suspiciously, attempting to read the plan that remained hidden behind her eyes. You knew the basics of the video but the details still needed to be answered. One of the female staff members hands you a robe and points you to the back of the tent where a private room had been set up. Slipping off your clothes and into the soft faux fur robe was the easy part. The difficulty came when you took a seat next to the staffer with curiosity finally starting to poke holes in your patience.

Your best friend looks up from her notes and giggles, “you're so cute when you're irritated.” “I'm not talking to you until I get some answers.” The tent slit opens up with some of the other staff members pushing in a mannequin covered in a protective cover up to its next. “Here you go, the answers you were looking for,” your best friend smirks then pulls out her phone and points it in your direction. The staffer beside you removes the protective cover off the mannequin, revealing a beautiful soft pink colored ball gown. “Your costume.” the staffer grins. Your mouth drops in awe. The inner five year old princess consumes your motor controls and makes you jump to your feet and lunge at dress with open arms, squirming at max capacity. Your fingers slide over the frilly, full bloom pink rose layered skirt. Its princess corset and off the shoulder style gave it the vintage vibe even with its modern characteristics. “Thoughts?” your best friend asks once your squealing settles down. “Are you kidding? Look at it!” you squirm and hug the dress tightly. “Glad you feel so strongly about it. Now chop chop, we've got a music video to film.” The staffer unlaces the corset and unhooks it off the mannequin. You follow her into the dressing room where she straps you in and laces the chords to your body then ruffles the layers to give it extra volume. You emerge from the dressing room with a broad grin glued to your face. “Here are your shoes, put them on and let's head outside to work hard,” she smiles. Silver sparkling ballet slip ons cover your feet. They hide under the skirt but the presence of their comfort added to your smile. Outside on the main set, the female staff swarm you and drown you with compliments and good luck wishes. “Look at you!” Dae-Sung beams brightly with Tae-Yang beside him. Tae-Yang keeps his head down to hide the deep shade of pink glowing in his face. Tae-Yang looks up for a split second to smile at you, “beautiful.” Blush rises to your cheeks and you cling onto the layers of dress around you, “thank you.” You look down at the ground then slowly look back up and notice their own attire. They were dressed formally in their royal jackets but instead of their famous red and black color combination, the jackets were covered in black and white rhinestones with the outlines of their jackets differentiating in colors. Tae-Yang's jacket was outline with an emerald color whereas Dae-Sung's jacket shimmered with gold colored stones. “Pretty formal yourselves,” you smile back at them. “Wow,” TOP comments as he approached. “Fantastic baby,” you finish his sentence. He smirks. “Aishh, I feel like you're actually cuter than me now,” Seung-Ri whines. “I'm pretty too, right hyung?” he looks at Ji-yong. “I don't know, Ri. This is how a real princesses should looks like,” he smirks his signature way. “But then again, you are South Korea's Foreign Flower anyways so it's not so surprising that it suits you.” “You guys, shush,” you hide your face with your hand but peek at them through your fingers. Seung-Ri's jacket sparkled with amethyst, while TOP's had sapphire rhinestones and Ji-Yong shined with ruby. <<Gotta be flashy if you're a king, huh?>> “Good, everyone is here,” your best friend appears with the cameraman. “Alright, here's the rundown. This is obviously the main video you're going to use as a comeback announcement, right?” the guys nod, then she turns to you and continues. “'Kay, your role is the princess of the story. You are to represent the different aspects of the V.I.P. Fandom. The guys,” she points to BigBang, “are the kings in this story just as they are in real life. They each differ from each other so as a fan we appreciate that, but BigBang also loves their fans so with you being the main role character in this story, your role will spend time with each member to highlight why they love the fandom until y'all come together in the end.” You scratch your head, “I don't get it, what's the video about?” She rolls her eyes. “The video is about BigBang falling in love with the different qualities that you, the princess, lowkey VIP fandom, has to offer. And you fall in love with all five of them simultaneously, but after being in a trance for showing what you have to offer, they chase after you, demanding to chose one or the other. You can't decide and won't decide, so when they corner you, you die in a dramatic way to bring them a moral to draw from.” You squint at her, “So what's the moral of the video then?” "That if you have loved them as a whole in the beginning, they will love you back as a whole too, despite having a bias, or a ship. C'mon, your first scene is with Seung-Ri.” “Let's do this!” he cheers in English when he hears his name. The crew heads over to a lone blossomed tree. Seung-Ri runs ahead with the script and reviews it quickly to get into character, then waits for you and the director to arrive so he can be positioned where the director says.

The first scene begins with a close up of Seung-Ri sleeping under the blossomed tree. As the camera zooms out, you approach the sleeping king and kneel in front of him. Your dress touches his hand, his fingers twitch and slowly reaches to feel the fabric with his fingers. You look over him, studying his peaceful face with spiked curiosity on your own. Your hand reaches to brush his hair out of his eyes without realizing your mistake. Seung-Ri's eyes slowly open to great your own. His face remains relaxed but gradually transitions into a sly smirk. He rises slowly, making you lean back when he starts leaning towards you with a growing grin. “Beautiful girl,” he says. That was the cue. You jump back up on your feet with a bright red face and turn to run away. Seung-Ri holds his hand out to you but lets it fall gently, watching your dress dance with grace while the camera shoots from an angle. “Cut!” the director shouts. You return to Seung-Ri with color still lingering in your cheeks. “That was very natural, good job,” she gives you a thumbs up. “Almost thought you were going to kiss me,” Seung-Ri smiles with a wink. “Wouldn't you have enjoyed that,” you cough to hide your embarrassment. He shrugs his shoulders and shoots you another flirtatious wink. You giggle and punch his arm playfully. “Okay, next scene. Where's Sol?” your best friend looks around. Tae-Yang jumps off his chair and joys to you. “You looked great from the side lines,” his eyes smile. Seung-Ri wraps an arm around your shoulders and pulls you towards him. “Listen hyung, we have chemistry here so watch yourself.” Tae-Yang slips his arm around your waist and pulls you away from Seung-Ri, “Haven't you heard? First is the worst, second is the best.” “Sorry gentlemen, I've come to take the princess away,” your best friend comes to the rescue and leads you away. “Causing some tension there ey?” “Shut up. They were just being playful. Wait- I thought you didn't understand Korean?” “I know enough to know when to save my bestie from handsome men,” she winks at you. “Go get a touch up while we transition to the next scene.” The make-up artists puts your face with powder foundation and re-applies lip balm. The hairdresser re-adjusts your hair then ruffles your dress to fix the volume. The filming crew has moved down the road to the banks of a beautiful pond. You wonder over to Tae-Yang who had an arm out from his jacket and his black sleeve pulled up exposing an awful looking cut on his arm. “Oppa, what happened?” you cry out, running over to him. “Ah, relax, it's just part of the scene. Great reaction though,” he chuckles. “Okay, places everyone,” your best friend shouts. One of the camerawomen leads you away from Tae-Yang and explains to you the scene. The scene opens with Tae-Yang clinging to his arm as he leans against a tree. Tae-Yang removes his arm out of his jacket and rolls up his sleeve to let the cameraman capture the injury on film. You enter with a yellow cloth in your hands, watching it flow gracefully with the wind. You look up and spot Tae-Yang, immediately protraying concern on your face. You grab your dress and lift it so you can run over to him without stepping on the skirt. Tae-Yang's face lights up as you take his arm to examine it. In your head, you count to three slowly, then gently wrap the yellow cloth around his arm. Taking your time so the camera could pan across to film yours and Tae-Yang's expressions. He looks up from his arm and gazes into your eyes, “Kind girl,” he breathes. You blush pink at his words then take a step back. He looks back at his arm to examine your work then shoots you an eye smile and begins to walk towards you. You panic and flee again, with the camera focused on Tae-Yang's injured arm trying to reach out to you. “Cut!” “How was it?” you yell from afar. She shoots you another thumbs up. Tae-Yang slips on his jacket again and meets you halfway, “that was great!” he beams. “Thank you're a natural yourself,” you smile back, “but what I don't get is that if you're wearing green, why is the cloth yellow?” “It's suppose to symbolize the light sticks at our concerts. You know, supporting us on,” Ji-Yong explains as he hands you and Tae-Yang a bottled water. “Wow, that's clever,” you look at your best friend and appreciate her directing talent. “Who's next?” Tae-Yang asks Ji-Yong. “Dae-Sung,” he replies, “then it's TOP-hyung and I'm going last due to change of setting.” “Where are we going?” you shoot Ji-Yong an innocent face so he could cave. “Don't know yet,” he smirks. The scene with Dae-Sung was centered around a small rose maze. “We're playing tag!” Dae-Sung chuckles. “Really?” you flinch at the unexpected scene. <<Everything else had been serious so far, but the sceene for Dae-Sung is really.... fitting for him.>> The camera panned from Dae-Sung's fingers wrapped around a wild pink rose, and up to his face as he plucks it from the bush and brings it to his angelic face. From another angle, you walk onto the set with your focus on the roses until you gradually look up and notice Dae-Sung. A mischievous smirk appears on your face. You pick up your dress and run towards him. Dae-Sung looks up at the moment you reach out to his rose and snatch it away from him, indicating to him to chase after you.

It took a couple of seconds for Dae-Sung to realize what you had happened but his smile beamed to life. Dae-Sung chases you around the rose bushes while showing off his smile and laughter. You continue dodging him, to the point where just as he was about to reach to catch you, he slips on the dewy grass and lands backwards on his butt, laughing in embarrassment. You take the opportunity to run away asou look back and see Dae-Sung laughing on the ground. “So playful,” Dae-Sung says when he stands and scoops up the rose you dropped and brings it to his face one more. “And cut!” “Oppa, are you okay? It sounded like you fell pretty hard,” you say as you reach Dae-Sung again. “I'm a strong man, you don't have to worry about your oppa,” he brushes the grass off his jacket. “Oh, hyung!” TOP approaches Dae-Sung and fixes the collar of his jacket, “mmhmm, strong indeed.” he smirks at the beaming Dae-Sung then turns to you, “you ready?” “For?” you smile shyly at how well TOP looked in his jacket. “We're shooting the next scene,” TOP smiles back. “It's an honor to work with an excellent actor such as yourself,” a light pink color rushes across your face. He chuckles, “Well it's an honor to work with the Foreign Flower, so the feeling is mutual.” “Hyung! You better not be flirting with my girl!” Seung-Ri yells from a distance away. “Your girl? I thought we settled this already, she's mine!” Tae-Yang puffs his chest at Seung-Ri. “Yaa! I want in on this!” Dae-Sung shouts at them then turns to you, “I'll fight for you too!” “Ya! She likes me best!” TOP grabs your hand and holds it up high. Your blush deepens as their bickering continues to the point where you begin to search for a rock to crawl underneath. “Gentlemen, I'm the one y'all need to get permission from so quit with bickering and get back to work. I'm not ready to marry her off yet,” your best friend yells as she holds up her phone and reads off what Google had translated for her to say in Korean. Ji-Yong smirks to contain his amusement. <<He must have translated the conversation for her....>> Dae-Sung jogs over to Tae-Yang and Seung-Ri while they pretend to fight. “Sometimes, I can't believe I'm the eldest,” TOP sighs. “Because you're just a kid in a really tall body, right?” you quote his rap from the song Sober. His face lights up, “Exactly.” Ji-Yong walks up to the both of you and pries TOP's hand away from yours, “this is considered sexual harassment hyung. Please help us maintain her innocence by avoiding skin-ship.” Ji-Yong glares at TOP. You hadn't realized that TOP never let go of your hand until Ji-Yong had to break you apart. TOP smiles at Ji-Yong when he walks back to the rest of the members, “so silly.” The both of you head over to a paved path in the garden where the scene was to be set. A clacking noise catches your attention away from the director while she explains the scene. You turn and spot a gracefully white horse being led towards you. Your jaw drops at the sight. “Oppa, this is Winter, the horse you'll be guiding around,” you hear your best friend say off Google translate. “How come he gets the horse scene?” your words slur together, still in awe of the beautiful white creature staring at you. “Because he's the most experienced with acting, so a challenge like this would help improve his skills for future roles. Okay, places everyone!”

The scene begins with TOP walking the horse and stroking its neck. You appear on the set with an apple in your head, polishing it with your skirt to prepare it for eating. The horse neighs loudly, making you jump in your skin at the unexpected noise but when you turn to see the horse, TOP has already stopped in his tracks. You make your way to TOP and his horse with an interested expression. TOP suggests for you to pet the horse with a nonverbal hand gesture. You smile brightly and stroke the horse's forehead and down to its nose. The horse sniffs at the apple in your other hand and leans down to nudge at it. You giggle and turn your palm up so the horse can scoop it into its mouth and eat it. TOP watches you with a soft expression resting on his face. He watches as you continue to pet the horse and smile like a child on Christmas morning. “Compassionate girl,” he breathes. Your head shoots up, remembering that he was still there. His hand reaches out to you to apologize but you quickly turn and take off running. The director yells for the scene to cut. You wonder back to the staff and grab another bottled water. “I think hyung is upset,” Tae-Yang chuckles beside you. “How come?” you respond between gulps. “Because you focused more on the horse than on him.” You smirk, “that's because I was trying to calm the horse.” “From what?” “From how much it must have been intimated by oppa's looks.” “How generous of you, but then again, what I feel like he got the upper hand on this one. What princess wouldn't want to be swept away by a charming prince like hyung, and his white horse?” TOP looks up from his phone after taking a selfie with the horse and sticks his tongue out at Tae-Yang. Tae-Yang's eyes began to smile. “Let's get going!” Seung-Ri wraps an arm over Tae-Yang's shoulders. “Change of location?” you ask, “where to?” “One of the warehouses, the setting got finished this morning so we're saving ourselves a plane ticket to France,” Ji-Yong says, his ruby jacket glistening under the bright sun. The car ride was short. You manage to get in and out of the van with the frilly dress without having to ask for help which caused a sense of accomplishment to spark deep inside. Inside the warehouse, your make-up is retouched and your hair gets adjusted once again. Your best friend puffs up the dress then leads you to the first set. The set was decorated to represent a large ballroom with descending staircases on both sides. Pillars and arches on the sides of the set gave the impression of a classic Gothic architecture but the bright walls and simple lighting kept the room modern. “Damn, talk about being treated like royalty,” you whisper to yourself. “Okay, go over there and get into character once more,” your best friend points to the top of the staircase. “Are the extras ready?” “Yes, director,” one of the managers yells back. The scene begins with a large crowd of extras conversing with one another in the ballroom. Ji-Yong walks in through the back doors, a little taken aback by the massive crowd in elegant attire. He fixes his jacket and proceeds to weave through the crowd, avoiding large clumps of individuals. The lighting flickers to the staircase, drawing everyone's attention with them too. The camera turns to capture you descending from the stairs slowly. Once you near the bottom, you bow to everyone in the room and dazzle them with a smile. A large bundle of men rush to you and begin to offer you their hand. Out of the sea of faces, you notice Ji-Yong slowly inching towards you with in astonishment. Your smile turns into a smirk as you push through the crowd of men and make way to Ji-Yong. With a courteous bow you stand close to him to wear off the others. “So confident,” Ji-Yong mutters, looking at you smile and bow to those around that snicker to themselves silently. You turn to him with a startled face. Ji-Yong reaches for your hand to calm you down but you draw back your hands and pivot around, causing the dress to capture graceful momentum then settle back down with a soft swoosh. You grab your skirt and pick it up then weave through and out of the crowd.

Ji-Yong follows you into the second set with long hallways, but you had disappeared too quickly. TOP appears through another door, he looks around and sees Ji-Yong standing in the middle of the hallway. Seung-Ri enters through the opposite side of the hallway. Tae-Yang makes an entrance through the same door TOP had opened and Dae-Sung wonders in out of the corner where Ji-Yong had entered. The five guys look at each other, then the camera shifts to you descending down a small staircase hidden behind a suit of armor and peaking around the armor to check if the coast was clear. Seung-Ri points you out, making the other four turn in the direction of his finger. Your eyebrows shoot up in panic when all five of them take off towards you. You run back up the stairwell, pulling your skirt up to avoid tripping over it. “Cut!” your best friend calls out. You sit on the floor and fan yourself with a hand. “I thought you were going to dance with Ji-Yong,” TOP sits next to you and hands yo a juice can. You take the can and pop it open, then proceed to chug it down in a single take. “Ah, is that so wrong?” you ask once you catch your breath. TOP shrugs, “No, but it wouldn't have sat well with me if he had some type of skin ship with you in the video.” Your cheeks flush pink, <<what?>> As you open your mouth to respond, Dae-Sung comes over and also sits next to you. “From a distance, it looked as if you were an actual flower and hyung was a bug trying to rob you of your innocence,” he smiles mischievously. “Don't worry though, oppa is here to protect you.” he puffs out his chest and switches his expression to a sly smile. You smile back and playfully punch his arm, “you're too much, oppa, thank you for looking after me.” “You're going to make me mad for interrupting our quality time,” TOP glares at Dae-Sung. “Hyung! I like you the best though!” Dae-Sung transforms into his aegyo side, causing giggles to escape through your mouth as your inner fangirl peeks through. “Let's go shoot the last scene,” one of the managers calls out to the three of you. Dae-Sung pulls you to your feet and shoots you a heart melting smile in encouragement. His warm hands holding onto yours sends goosebumps down your arms. “Fighting, princess!” he sings. “Y-yes!” you stutter out. “That's sexual harassment,” TOP interrupts to break your hands apart and glare at Dae-Sung. “No way, hyung!” Dae-Sung beams at TOP. The beginning of the scene starts with one on one shots of you being chased by a member. The camera would follow you as you hide behind pillars to dodge Seung-Ri, or when you'd duck behind furniture to avoid Dae-Sung. Tae-Yang thought he had you but ended up grabbing Ji-Yong by surprise. Towards the end, you had ran out of breath but the members were still gaining up on you. The final scene began as you run to the balcony. You grasp the stone rail, looking for a way out of the castle, but when you turn around to run back inside, all five members emerge and begin to corner you to the rail. Each of them hold a hand out to you with a pleading face, a form of asking you to go with one of them. The camera captures your trepidation as you scan every member. They continue to walk towards you, lip singing in sync. You step further back until you can feel the rail pressed up against your dress. You take a second to transition your facade into a warming smile and place both hands over your heart. You close your eyes slowly and let yourself fall backwards over the rail. The camera switches back to the members as they run over to the rail in attempt to save your, their faces smothered with horror. Though you land on a fluffy cushion down below, the camera above continues to focus on BigBang as Tae-Yang unwraps the yellow cloth from his arm and lets the other members grab a hold of it with the video ending on a close up of the small white embroidery that read, “Until Whenever.” “And that's a wrap!” your best friend exclaims. you continue to lay on the cushion. Ji-Yong pokes his head over the rail, “You fell pretty smoothly there.” You smile and give him a thumbs up. Your best friend runs over to you and falls to her knees, “oh my baby! My beautiful partner in crime! Killed by five handsome men! Oh the tragedy!” she wails. You giggle then pretend to act dead by sticking your tongue out. “Somebody hand me my phone so I can take a picture!” Seung-Ri shouts. You jump up and slide off the mattress, “Nope, nope, nope.” Your best friend laughs, “Not yet there won't be. The photo shoot isn't till next week.” “Photo shoot?” your voices fluctuates in octaves. “Of course, we have to promote the video and BigBang's comeback. I'm sure the media will be dying to know the details of their Foreign Flower starting in a music video with BigBang.” “Oh you little-” “Good job everyone!” your best friend shouts in shaky Korean and escapes the path of your rage. “Ugh!”


Talk about getting treated like royalty by our Kings ;) I wonder what'll happen at the photoshoot....... ;o Are they really going to fight for your attention? Is Seung-Ri getting too possessive? Why is Tae-Yang and Dae-Sung getting jealous? How come TOP worries about skinship? And why does Ji-Yong translate for your best friend in order to break up the arguments? Omo! Things are getting heated! :O ;) Want some answers? Well you better join in on the next episode of Foreign Flower! ;D To my readers that have been with me through this wondrous journey.... tell me your thoughts! I love reading your comments! :D <3 <3 <3 And thank you for reading!! *bows* :) ***(Author's 3rd note: I really tried to connect with the fandom in this chapter because BigBang are our kings and to me and other VIPs, they always will be. So I tried to highlight the important qualities of the fandom. We're all beautiful to them. We all support them. We're all playful and enjoy their humor. We each have our own charms that they admire. And we are confident as one. Yes we have our bias but their individual charms are things we appreciate and they know that, but that's another reason why we love them as a whole. I can go one forever on the purpose of the video but I'll leave it at that. Thank you!!) ****(Author's 4th note: There's also things in the video related to the story specifically...... Just throwing that in in case my first note threw you off c: Thank you! *bows*) *****(Author's 5th -and final- note: I threw in extra photos of our kings in royal wear because I literally had to dig to find them and I wanted to let you guys bask in their beauty. Some of them were hard, like for Daesung and Taeyang, so if they're your bias, I'm sorry, I tried :c)

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