21 Clues Your Date Isn't Going Well

Let's face it.

Not every date is going to be a dream come true and that's just life. It's very seldom that a first date turns into a second and a third date, but if it does -- you're one lucky duck. All first dates have a way of turning you into a nervous wreck, but that's normal. Upon meeting someone for the first time, it doesn't take too long to know if you two will hit it off or if you'll want to make a dash for the door. When you're not really into someone, but you're stuck on a date -- the awkwardness can be at an all time high.

Between the miscommunication, the head in the phone and the obvious 'I'm ready to go' look written all over your face, the signs all lead to what most would describe as a disaster date. Don't trip. Texting someone and meeting them in person can be totally different. It's best to not get your hopes up until you've gotten a chance to feel each other out. If things don't go as smoothly as you planned and all you can think about is that carton of ice cream back at home, it's best that you keep scrolling to see the obvious signs your date isn't going well.

Have you ever lied to end a date?

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