Vital Worth

The book of the generation of Jesus Christ. There would not seem to be much interest in a chapter of names. We would not suppose that there is any devotional value in such a list as we have in this chapter. Yet we find much here that is spiritually helpful. For one thing, there is no missing link in this genealogy. Another interesting fact is that, while the line ran through the chosen family from beginning to end, it received Gentile blood at least in the cases of Rachab and Ruth. Thus the Gentiles also had a share in The Messiah. The name by which The Messiah was to be called tells us of the purpose of His coming. “Thou shalt save His people from their sins.” The other name of The Messiah given here is Immanuel – God with us. The Incarnation meant God coming down to be with us. Those who saw Him saw The Father. Let us not forget that even chapters of names may enshrine great truths, holy facts, of vital worth.

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