Need A Name for this New Character

this is a villain for my story I need a name for him he is the master of Phoenix Core guild he use manipulation magic witch mean as long as he seen the magic before he can recreate Example: if he seen water magic before and he is facing a fire wizard he can recreate the water magic he has seen before in order to defeat his opponent. he has a daughter who when she was younger implanted a water dragon slayer lacrima into her body. I can't wait to see what everyone come up with this time. @LorettaHon@mcbubbles@JessyRay19@CaleeC@ReaperSteel@Animefreak484

hello my name is Sarah i am 21 years old i live in Tampa Florida i love anime i don't even watch TV anymore becouse am always on my phone watching anime i love sports any kind of art you name it i love it
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