7 Things You'll Understand If You're Datng A Latina


Latina here!

What are some things you've learned about dating a Latina?


1) Family Is Very Important To Us

Yeah, our relationship with you is important to us, but our family shares a big part of our heart. Family comes first, always.


2) We Are Loyal

Listen, we got your back. We're loyal. When we say we gotchu, we gotchu. Loyalty is very important to us....we give it, breathe it, and live it....and we expect that in return as well.


3) We Are Very Passionate People

A lot of our stereotypical behaviors can be read as something totally not true, but as reality sets in, you'll realize we're actually just passionate people. We're passionate about our family, our hobbies, our friends, and the people we love.


4) We Appreciate It When You Learn About Our Culture

When you are open to learning about our culture, we melt. Learn about our foods, our music, what created us into being the person you love. When you learn about our culture and our family, that's when you truly learn about us.


5) We Know How To Make (Or Find) The Best Authentic Latin Foods

Some of us can throw it down in the kitchen. Some of us know where the authentic Latin food is. Chipotle? Nah, we know the little local place down the street that cooks up bomb chuletas and habichuelas guisadas .


6) These Are Generalizations And At The End Of The Day...We're All Different

A lot of these might be true for some of us (definitely for me!) But we aren't carbon copies of each other. We're just as diverse and multi-faceted like any other human being. Get to know us. Enjoy the experience. Have fun. ;P

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