Dance Week!

Thought I would create another card but this time to represent the ladies of kpop. Ive seen a lot of great dances and dancers but we seem to be forgetting that ladies can dance just as well!

My favorite dances come from Gfriend! There dances are always so sycronized and fun to watch. I have actually learned all of Me Gusta Tu and Rough is gonna be next!

Twice is another of my favorite rookie dance groups. Their debut song Like Ooh Ahh's dance was really different from the other girl groups debuting so it was nice to see some tougher looking girls. They are also hilarious to watch dancing to other groups specifically guy dances.

Miss A's Only You was another song I learned the choreo for and their moves just look and feel so fun to do! Also Miss A's Min is an amazing dancer! The second video is her own choreography to Beyoncés Partition and it is mesmorizing.

4 Minutes Crazy is my favorite to dance to just because it is so energetic. Their dances are sexy yet tasteful and their new song Hate is as catchy.

I know there are tons of more talented lady dancers but these are my few favorites. @kpopandkimchi@SandraMirafuent@reyestiny93@KinnLyr@DestinaByrd@SerenityThao@merryjayne93@destiny1419@shadowCYRMBBCL@ItsMari@VatcheeAfandi99@sherrysahar@CrookedShadow@jojojordy2324@BabySheep@4dalientae@MsLoyalHeart@Ercurrent@KatiePrihodiko@MaggieHolm@Rina143@AnnahiZaragoza@Kyokeo@SassyMaknae@sleepingyoongi@WendyNegrete@JustinaNguyen@Kennaxx@SarahHm11@pharmgirlin@DanniiDunn@MaddieRudicil@resavalencia@krin@AnnaRodriguezm@BlackJackXXX@ZaTaylor@NinaLlama@JamiMilsap Sorry if I missed anyone!!!

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