Meowls Are Your New Favorite Animal.

Step back, liger! There's a new ridiculous hybrid animal in town - and even if it's not a real one, it's pretty damn exciting to look at.

Meet the 'Meowl' - half cat, half owl. Someone was smart enough to mix the most satanic-looking house pet and the most satanic-looking bird of prey to create a creature that's actually kind of cute!

My favorite part of all of this is just how well owls and cats fit together! Who knew that their coloring was so similar?

Bruh. There's even an Grumpy Meowlette. (I hope your world was as sufficiently rocked by this as mine was.)

Seeing these pictures makes me wonder what a world full of meowls would be like. Would cats still climb your drapes if they could fly? Would there be considerably less mice in the world?

What do YOU think about meowls?

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