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Their last Concert is on March 6th :"""""""( Also they'll have their Comeback in 7 years I guess 2022, But guy's I'm not sure if that news were right or wrong. I checked@WendyNegrete@Ticasensei and that's what they said. ;p I'm sorry I have Nothing more to say for now I need some time to calm my feelings . . . . . Peace in cheese :") Love ya all My vingle Fam tag list: . . .@destiny1419@nnatalieg@4dalientae@AimeeH@VeronicaArtino@StephanieDuong@Zyxzj@PrettieeEmm@SerenityThao@Sailynn@Ercurrent@katiems@AlexisRiver@AaliyahNewbell@krin@ninjamidori@CreeTheOtaku@ToppDogg@Starbell808@BelencitaGarcia@Dabaesaplayer@VKookie47@JinsPrincess86@Emilykitetenjo@moonchild03@CristinReynolds@Tania538@BBxGD@shadowCYRMBBCL@nnatalieg@KristinaCaron@VIPFreak2NE1@BessanMerab@JaxomB@dlphn100grl@Journ505@luna1171@Defy24601@LemonLassie@Izab3lla@CallMeMsDragon@JessicaSchnipke

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