Why You Should Become a Partner that Reads

I've seen a common theme when it comes to articles online about dating

By why do we romanticize the qualities of someone that reads?

I think all the qualities we associate with someone that read are the same:

Great conversation, wit, humor, and intelligence. Someone who is romantic and looks at the world differently

Mark Grist puts it into a poem perfectly:

"A girl with passion, wit, and dreams."

And aren't those the qualities we should look for in a partner anyway?

So I'm challenging this idea of "dating someone that reads" and instead challenging us all to become the person that reads.

For your future partner/friends/relationships.

Learn about a new subject, dive into knowledge, and become the conversationalist you would expect from your partner.

Sharing with my book-loving friends.

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Do you look for a partner that reads?

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