A ‘Gang Of Goats’ Is Terrorizing The New Zealand Countryside

Who would've thought that goats were so bad ass??

Today I stumbled across a story of this gang of goats that is raising hell in New Zealand. The goats waltz around town destroying whatever they like. They eat whatever they like, and no one has the backbone to stop them.

Area animal control officer Murray Malloch told the paper all about the Grey District Council’s goat troubles:

“They just come through and wreck everyone’s garden,” Mr Malloch. “They eat it and then move on to another one. Everyone said they’re lovely goats though.”

The last part about the goats being "lovely" makes it sounds like the goats paid him off for kind remarks at the end of a horrible public statement.


It seems as if the community has had enough of the goats though. If no one steps up and claims the animals, the community seems prepared to gun them down.

“A local said he’ll go get them for meat, but we’re not sure if they’re someone’s pets,” he said.

“Either someone has to put their hand up or I’ll put it in the hands of a couple of local guys that are shooters. If they come on to their properties they’ll eliminate them — they’ll shoot them.”

Seems like time may be up for this gang of goats. I say, gather them up and get them in a zoo or something. Those goats are too cool to gun down!

Christian is a member of the SNICK generation who misses the days of Pete and Pete and is a loyal advocate of backpack rap.
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