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You better be glad you are kind of cute. So guess this time you're excused.


Why thank you

You're actually kind of cute. So that's my compliment for your compliment..... you're welcome.

I caught you, blushing, at me.

You I guess because you're adorable, like a puppy you want to take out of the rain.

Because you are cute, and you like me as an artist, I don't mind.

So.... it's a little weird. But I'm okay with that. based on how you all behaved I expect nothing less.

Not my ideal company. BUT I guess it could be worse. I could be signed to Backyard Shed Records.

This is my favorite show anyway so hahahaha. Ji Hyo and Jae Suk and I won. I ripped Jong Kook's name tag. they didn't know what hit them.

You laughed before saying, "Correct!" Then you heard someone shout your name from behind you. You looked back to see your manager, motioning you to come over meaning it was time for you to go. You said your goodbyes to the boys and walked towards your manager. After a few minutes, you both made it to one of the company's limos. As you sat there in the leather seats of the limo you thought about the guys. You smiled wanting to be able to meet them again. (This is my editing here down below. She ended the first part (above) like that but I decided to add this to make it more dramatic and anticipate the next part hehehe) You arrived at your place after the long ride you had in the Limo with your manager. You thanked him, got off, and headed inside your place to shower and rest up. Once you were done showering, you changed into your pajamas and got into your bed to sleep. About an hour went by, and a noise woke you up all of a sudden. You sat up in bed wondering if you heard right.

Please don't let me end up in a bathtub of ice with a kidney missing. SM doesn't think that's a good enough reason to let me out of my contract.

The picture..... well I was on the show.... Thunder Buddies:@JaiiPanda@jessicaacosta90@ashleyemmert@KhrystinaLee@EliseB@Dianabell@Isolate@sarabear1021@twistedpuppy

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