Queen In Hyun's Man Episode 14 Written Preview Eng Sub

Thank you supernovah for the video!!! LOVE YOU!!! Eng translation here for those who need: "Open the door right now!" BD: Open the door for them... there is a chance that you may be captured with me "We have to accuse BD of the crime" Hee Jin's friend: What's wrong? "Give the talisman to BD and shoot him with the arrow! Even if BD is important to our country, he does not have enough support." Hee JIn: He got shot by three arrows and died at the scene [seems like she was reading from a history book] OMO. this is too exciting. I just Lavieenroses's post on the QIHM event sooo exciting! You can watch QIHM finale WITH THE ACTORS AHHHHH Details here www.vingle.net/posts/14193

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