Defiance of an Invisible Past

So the moment comes when the time passes andd it's only you. You're wondering if you are REALLY alone or not. You waste not one second to search for any sign of life. Suddenly the search becomes "inconclusive". You decide to take it one step further in all defiance of what is or ever will be ruled. You decide to go where they always said never to go.That place with no happiness. At this time, you gear-up for you must be prepared for what's there. You walk to that boundary line. This is the place that chooses your fate. What will you do? You decide it's time to stop being so reliable on people because that's what they want. that's what they forced your mind into thinking. You can see through it all. You just want the truth. You look at the image across and it's all gray. It looks like a broken society. You step into it. Under your foot is bright green grass freshly cut and healthy. You go in all of the way..It's beautiful. They lied but not because you need them. they just dont wanna be in that lonely place without a single person but if that was the case, why'd they leave you there?

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