KNK's Knock Live (My New Obsession)

I am already in love. THEIR VOICES, THEIR LOOKS, THEIR CHOREO! All of them are at least 5'10, three of them are 6' and over. Tall boys kill me. I love love love this song and to know that it's good live? Boys... please. You have me. You caught me from the teaser, from the first note out of your pretty lips. I am such a fan.

Right now he's my bias. His name is Kim You Jin. He's 6'1, and 23 years old (25 Korean age? Still not too positive how that works.) His look caught my eye, and his voice won me over. Oh yes, this boy is my boy. At least for now, he better work to keep his place.

@CosmicCassidy that screaming in the background? you think it's a collection of fans? no it's just me.

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