The Monster in your Head Part 6

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Namjoon looks at you as his fingers interwined with yours. You both walk into the kitchen together as your parents judge the place. Your mother smiles over at Namjoon as she asks him, "So, How did you meet my daughter?"

He pauses as his cheeks brighten red, He flusters at the moment as he tells her shyly,

"I met her at a library. Me and her were both interested in the same book then we got too know each other better."

Your mom smiles widely as she squels loudly, "Aww!! So cute!!!!"

You smiled to the thought of your mom liking him. But then you look over at your dad who looked disappointed. You here Namjoon break the silence as he says,

"So how have you been Mr. (Y/L/N)?"

Your father gives him a long grin as he says deepingly, "Fine. And you Camcoon?"

Namjoon chuckles quietly as he says, "Alright and the name is Namjoon, Sir."

Your dad just ignores his statement as his eyes trail off to you. He looks at your hand as his eyes widened. His eyes look into your soul as he nods a big no. You look down at his hand letting go of yours, Making you frown a bit.

*Namjoon's perspective*

"Excuse me for minute I have to take care of something." (Y/N) says. She kisses my cheek and walks off around the corner and shuts the door, Leaving me with her parents. I look away from the corner and turn towards to her mother speaking to me,

"So, How much do you love my daughter?"

I blush of thought as I stutter a bit, "I...I her...a lot"

Her mother smiles as her father speaks, "Do you love her for her? Or do you just want it?" My eyes widened to his question, "I love her for her! I love everything about her!!!" I confessed. Her dad laughs at me as he pats my back, "Oh son, Love is a strange thing. Women are confusing creatures."

I look at Mrs. (Y/L/N) with confusion as she smiles at me, "What my husband is trying to say is that women can be terrifying and strange but beautiful to look at and nice to listen too. So basically, Don't take (Y/N) for granted."

I said flustering as I look at her, "I'll make sure I won't Mrs. (Y/L/N)."

She pushes my shoulder cutely as she laughs out her words, "Oh sweetie~ Just call me Jackie."

I heard sudden footsteps coming towards me. I turn around in concern to see that it was (Y/N) being cute and sneaky. She suddenly kisses me with blissful lips. I blush as I look at the ground like an idiot as I try to not die in sudden cuteness.


"Hey! Why don't we go out for dinner? My treat." Jackie says. I look at her with instant shock. She smiles with wide eyes as her husband, Derick agrees, "That's sounds good."

I look at (Y/N) as she asks me, "Do you want to go out?"

I pause as I accept it, "I'd love too. But I can pay." Jackie looks at me as she waves here hands, "It's okay Honey~ I might as well, Sooner or later, I need to get to know you. Who knows, you might be my future son in law!" She squels excitingly. (Y/N) looks at me with widened eyes and flushed cheeks. I smile as I think about our future together, To see her in a wedding dress with a wedding veil on her head, Strands of her hair falling into place as she walks down the aisle, The way she'll say, 'I Do.'

Thoughts were suddenly interupted by the angelic sound of her voice saying,

"Babe~Come on!!!"

I rush towards the direction where her voice was spokened. I see her standing in a long hallway, Those scary looking hallways from horror films. I walk towards her as she smirks. Her finger motions me to come closer. I move my body closer to her as she gives me this evil look on her face. She grabs me by the collar and drags my face towards hers. Our faces were so close to each other that I could feel her breathing out of her nose. She looks into my eyes as she asks me, "Remember that day, When you got too excited and tried to strip me down and do it?"

I pause as my breathing was silent, I never would've thought she'd still remembered, But appartently, She did. "Yes...Why you ask?"

She leans in closer with a whisper in her, "Do you still want too?" To be aware of my surroundings, I made sure her parents weren't present to hear. I look down at her once more as I licked my lips. "See Baby Girl~ I'd love too...But were going out with your parents, Maybe another time."

She sighs as she pull me into the room. She throws me onto the bed as she shuts the door behind her fastly. I see her crawl on top of me as her eyes don't blink. She starts to mess with my hair as she whispers, "Can we just have a little bit of fun before we go?"

Moments Later, Her lips had made contact with my neck as her hand strokes my jawline seductively. I felt so wrong about it but so right cause I'm with her.


You kiss his neck with all you have in mind. You start to try to take off his clothes but then...

*KNOCK KNOCK* You sigh loudly as you yell out, "Yes?" You heard a long pause before a voice spoke, "Umm Yes... Your father and I will be waiting in the car!"

You grunt quietly as you slowly slide off of him. He has his hand hold onto yours as he opens the door. As you both walk down the awfully long hallway, You apolgize,

"Look Namjoon, I'm really sorry for what I did back there...I.."

Namjoon interupts you by shutting you up with his lips pressing against yours firmly. He pulls back with a wide smile on his face. He plays with your hair as he says,

"I think it's really cute how you lured me into your spell. I thought you were really sexy when you knew how to get down when we were alone..."You blush as you chuckle into your hand. You both head outside and towards the car. He opens it for you and gets in behind you. You hold onto his hand tightly as your parents drive. *AFTER DINNER* You parents drive you home as your father asks you both, "You kids full?"Namjoon laughs quietly as he says, "Yes sir we are, Thank you both so much for the lovely dinner...I appreciate it." "Oh no problem~ Anything for my daughters lovers!" Your mother squels. You whine with aegyo, "Mom! Your embarrasing me!!!" Namjoon chuckles as he says, "It's not that embarrasing~ After all, I am your lover aren't I?" You smile as you blush, "Yes Oppa You Are, But my mom doens't need to treat me like I'm 5 years old." You both stopped arguing as you felt your eyes getting heavier and heavier. You lay your head against his shoulder as he starts to drift off as well. *HIS PERSPECTIVE* I see us all stopping in front of the house as her mom asks me, "Want me to wake her up?" I nod no with a smile, "That's alright~ I'll take her inside myself. Thanks for everything.." I wrap my arms around her legs and lower back and pick her up with all my strength as I shut the door behind me. I bring her into the bedroom and set her on the bed. I kiss her forehead goodnight and get in next to her. It must have been a sense or something because her I knew her head would lean against my shoulder. Her hand touches my collarbone as she whispers, "I love you Namjoon~ Sweet dreams....ZZZZZZZ" I smile and kiss her forehead before responding, "I love you too, (Y/N)..." I lay my head against hers as my eyes slowly drift off...My world went dark as I snooze...~~zzzzzzzzZZZZZZZ~~


I hoped you all enjoyed this chapter!!! Sorry if it was a bit too short... I've been a bit busy lately but I'll make it up to you all fellow vinglers~

My ultimate bias is Jung Hoseok who is the love of my life! MY HUSBAND!!! Choi Youngjae is taking over my life 😫
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