Text Text killer Unknown number. A BTS faketext story.

its Saturday woo well its sunday a day late this takes me longer then usal A/n. thanks so much for the ideas I hope you enjoy this story and to whoever reads this I'm sorry to bts sorry sorry so sorry lol I have to apologize cause it's their names and such and oh dear I'm sorry guys I really am ..... oh well enjoy the story

"it was a dark and stormy night" the woman trailed off "Oh come on your not gonna give us some shitty story are you?" the little boy said smartly "Yah!! Hope jr " I spanked him on his butt "what's your language I did not teach you that" I yelled "sorry mom "he said giving me a hug spreading his aygeo this boy giving me issues just like his father "okay since your old enough.... how old are you?" "I'm 13 and a manly man I can handle anything and protect you as well" he said showing his muscles "Oh yes a strong manly man well since you are a strong manly man then I'll tell you a scary story" I said while tucking him in "it's not some fake movie cliché is it? " he said with a sassy tone again "no it's not this...... actually happened to a friend of mine" I said "Oh okay go on" he said looking at me "do you need popcorn too?" I said sarcastically "yes please " he told me this boy is getting smarter by the day gosh dammit just like..... him. "okay well it all started back when she was 18" "ew a lame cliché about love Oh brother" "shut up"

Janurary,5, 2016 Busan,SK 10:00am.

"ahh good morning world " I said with a happy face "today is the day I'm gonna tell me crush..... that's I like him yes I'm gonna tell him with a smile " I said with a "certainly" attitude. "who am I kidding I'm gonna fall so hard so much because of his hotness and plain cuteness and plain just him being the most beautifulsunshinehappinesscinamonbunwithacherryontop..." I gasp for air and calm my hormones before I say anything else. "okay I can breath I can live i can... take a shower and get dressed I need to text jungkook " I rushed to the bathroom to get ready. I go and take my best 5-10min shower get and and go to my room get dressed in my grey sweats my Lilo and stitch crop top and my queen snapback and my marvel converse that look like this



I finished getting dress and text jungkook praying to God to help me while i tell him the plan so he can tell thee others it's 10:26? okay let's see.

"what's that about? " I thought out loud he never acts like this before but I continue to text him .

"what!! dork?, I have you know my GPA of 100 does not make me a dork you you you ....You!!" I yell some more then go to the store to get ready for the party tonight.


as I walk out the store I hear noise out side people gather around the tv to look at what was a news cast of yesterdays news. I grab my stuff and walk towards them to see what's up as I heard "Serial killer on the lose " the woman said "what killer and cereal really again?" I said out loud people looked behind me with confusion as what I said ment nothing but food "man I must be hungry cause I just said cereal " I said to them trying to laugh it off. they all look and go back to the tv to continue the news cast "great now you've done it" thinking to myself. *dododododidooo * news 18 "there's a killer on the lose who's known for sending anonymous texts to people asking to play a "game" to her/him. the guy then does lead them to go missing and later found dead at the scene of the crime so far 5 people all the age range of 18-25 have been killed so far.... out condolences goes to the family and the deceased" the news cast ended "oh God murder? here? who would do such a thing" I thought to myself I start to get nervous and run home locking the doors and anything that can be seen from the outside as wait for the guys to come. I started to set everything up when I got a text

"oh man holy shi -" I said running to the door. I open the door and say "welcome gents to the boys night out featuring yours truly the only girl that is your friend" and I bow the guys come in and sit on the couch bean bags as I start to plain to get close to suga "he looks so good " I said "be careful he had ears " jungkook said "oh my God you scared me jesus " I said holding my heart "you should have that checked I don't want my favorite girl dying on me " I heard him chuckle as he went to go get pizza "aish jeon jungkook" i cursed under my breath as I go to sit down next to taehyung and jimin.

1hour later...

I start to go get more pizza since we just finished the second movie we always have movie nights since we where kids we would watch 10movies in a row if it was a weekend but today seems different. I look at suga and he seems to be nervous and worried so due to me being the little girl that likes her sweets I send him a text

there seem like a loyal friend that's worried not a girl that's ready to give a lim for her crush. as I get nervous of what to talk about I get a response.

"tired?" that's odd he's usual the one who falls asleep around the 9th movie this is only the 4th. "ah maybe he needs sweets that helps when your tired " I send him a text again

"there " I said happy, that should work I do have chocolate I look over to him to see him laughing and then I got a text again

"what did I just say " I thought to myself he looked at me and then the phone and walked out "oh God what did I do" I thought in distressed I then got a text I looked to see if it was suga but it was rapmonster

pissed off I send him this

he looked at me confused as I ignore him and start to group text everyone.

how did they know? oh wait I'm sitting next to jimin and v duh I send a text embarrassed

"ughhh" I yelled and stormed out hoping to find suga.

I walked outside looking for suga as I see him sitting on the porch "ah he looks good even on a porch .... something is wrong with me" I mentality scold myself I walked up to him seeing what he was up to but he caught me before I could make my kdrama "I know what your going through so I'm gonna help you with my caring heart since I like you " phase. but no that didn't happend "oh hey I..uh..I'm came to see if you we're okay..and I didn't say something completely stupid" I said "huh? oh no I had things to think about so I stepped out " he told me "ah things" crisis averted I sit down next to him awkward silence filling the night air he seemed to be distracted as I look at him moving/ figiting I was about to ask him a question when..

*beep *beep*

oh come one who is it now I'm trying to talk here I swear if it's jungkook I'm gonna ki- "who is this" I said out loud suga looked at me as I start to open the text I get.

"what?" I sit there confused and lost "what is it" I hear suga asked me I didn't respond I continue to look at my phone and then answer to see what happens the person responded more and more as I did as well the convo got more and more weird and scary I start to get terrified as suga took my phone to see whats up he looked at me as he seemed to know whats going on. "get up let's go back" he said as he helped me up so we can go to the house. "hey what's going in" jungkook said coming from the kitchen "yeah what's up did you get your sugar " taehyung said "n-no.... " I stutter jungkook looked at me with worry and looked at suga with fury suga then saw and gave him the phone looking at the texts he showed the rest of the guys and they all came around me. "woah ..."jimin said "that's messed up"jhope said "it's probably a joke sweetie don't worry" jin said as he was about to pet my head suga blocked him casual like and hugged me as I was about to speak another text came about not just me but to all of us. I got my phone from jungkook and looked at it and it said

Woah that was a lot to write sorry it was so bad I got lazy like real quick so okbfhdbdbdhdh sorry sory but comments below what you think and leave me ideas to see who gets killed first? who's the killer ? may God help my laziness? yes yes and oh yeah let's goo

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