Miscommunication Part 8

It was only awkward until you both got into the movie. He was playing the gracious host by picking a movie in English with Korean subtitles. You can tell he isn’t used to sitting still, he keeps shifting; one of his hands tapping out a rhythm on his leg. You’re willing to bet he regrets taking the day off now. You smile to yourself knowing that you will be alone again, all day tomorrow. When the movie ends, he gets up and wanders away. You are perfectly fine just reading your book, you didn’t ask him to stay locked inside today. It suddenly dawns on you; he isn’t staying here for you. You curse yourself as you realize he received a threat, he is being ordered to stay here by security. He is making the best out of the situation, you should be as amenable.

A few moments later he comes back, a stack of games in his arms. You struggle to not laugh out loud.

“You don’t have to entertain me,” you say, “I’m a big girl, I can amuse myself.”

He looks a little put out and hurt, you swear if he sticks his bottom lip out in a pout you will totally lose it.

“It’s not fun playing alone,” he starts, “but if you are bored of my company already..” he comments as he turns to walk back out of the room.

“Wow…” you say with a shake of your head. “Fine, bring them back.”

He simply smiles and heads over to the coffee table to deposit his findings. You see Jenga, Uno, and Monopoly.


“Could be long night,” he laughs, to which you just roll your eyes.

You didn’t really need any words to play Jenga. Grunts and groans accompanied by shouts of success were pretty much the same in all languages. You win two games to three when he packs it back up and takes out the Uno cards. He deals and you quickly look at your cards to make sure you will know how to play. Silly, Uno is a matching game by either color or number (or symbol), of course you can play.

The round goes really fast with only two players, suddenly he is yelling, “Hanaui Kadeu” at you before you can say Uno. You look at him weird, “What?”

“Hanaui Kadeu,” he thinks a minute, “one card, is game. You say when one card,” he points at the solo card in your hand.

“Uno,” you reply and hold it up. He repeats one card in Korean and the two of you are suddenly having a war of words instead of a card game. He finally holds his hand up, “Try it, hanaui kadeu.” You just wrinkle your face, “Too many sounds, Uno, is simpler.”

He sighs and repeats “Uno” for you. You laugh at his enunciation which gets your hand slapped from across the table. “At least I tried, so ungrateful,” he pouts and actually puts his bottom lip out. Your eyes go wide and you can’t help it, you fall backwards laughing until your sides hurt. You’ve never seen an adult male mix aegyo in with everyday life. Tears are leaking out of your eyes when you stop to breathe. You glance over at him, afraid you’ve insulted him. He is simply watching you, shaking his head with a big smile.

You cough and sit up, “Sorry. New game?” He grabs your cards and reshuffles the deck.

“No more cheating,” he states as he passes out the new hands.

“Cheating?!? I didn’t cheat.”

“You distracted with words, cheating.” You repay his eye roll with one of your own.

You two play until dinner time, when a knock on the door interrupts. He hands you his cards as he heads to answer the door. You get the cards put away just as he comes back with bags of food.

“Dinner,” he proudly exclaims and places one bag in front of you.

You look at it skeptically, “When? How?”

He smiles and holds up his phone, “Technology.”

“You did not make a call, you’ve been in here the whole time.”

He puts his bag on the table and winks as he sits down, “I texted Do-yun.”

Shaking your head you throw the plastic fork from the bag across at him. It has no weight so it only makes it half way across. Without blinking an eye he simply picks it up and nods, “Thank you.” You face palm, this man.

After dinner he decides to check in with his manager, pay some attention to what will be happening the next day in his schedule. You have no idea how long he’ll be or if he even expects you to just sit around and wait. It’s been a couple of days since you last worked out, your muscles are beginning to speak loudly to you about it. After a quick change you head out the door to the practice room. You meet Joon-woo in the hallway collecting the dishes.

“You’re a waiter now too?” you tease him.

“Whatever you need,” he replies with a smile. “These go back downstairs for the restaurant to come pick up. You’re headed to work out?”

At your nod he tilts his head and just looks at you for a moment. Just as it gets awkward he smiles, “Good. It seems to help you.” You’re taken back by his comment but before you can say anything he is off to the elevator.

Back in the penthouse Junsu finishes up his business and goes in search of you. Not finding you he heads to security. Both guards look up as he enters the room, and before he can ask they point to the feed for the practice room. He glances over, nods and turns to go back to the penthouse. Do-yun un-mutes the camera and he stops. Hearing his own voice come over the speakers makes him turn and pay attention.

“You don’t recognize Cassie’s anymore boss?” Joon-woo teases him.

“She’s not a Cassie, she must of just downloaded them out of curiosity,” he quips back. “She is staying here, she had to be curious,” he says but his eyes haven’t moved from the monitor.

“A damn talented new fan than,” Joon-woo says as he points at the screen. “She’s been doing that routine every day for the last three weeks. Even we recognized movements that you do boss. How long did it take you to learn that?”

Junsu isn’t responding, he isn’t laughing; he is still simply staring at the screen. When the next song starts he deliberately turns away and addresses the guards.

“Were you able to find anything out?”

Do-yun shakes his head, “Not much. The consult job is closed on weekends.”

Joon-woo adds, “I spoke to the car service you have been using for her. One of our guys is going to take over as her chauffer starting Monday. They are going over the cars now looking for trackers.”

Do-yun holds up his hand, “I’ve already checked all of yours, they’re clean.”

Junsu nods, takes another look at the monitor and heads back to the penthouse.


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