Launguage Exchange! - 2

Hey guys!

I'm back !!

Anyone who doesn't know about this project,

you can check it from here



there were lots of sentences that you guys asked for

Korean translation ! :)

And here are the answers

1. How did you find me?

나 어떻게 찾았어? (nah uh dduck ge chaht aht sauh?)

2. I am always this way.

나 원래 이래. ( nah wonlae eelae )

3. I would love to hang out.

완전 같이 놀고 싶어. ( wanjeon gatchi nholgo sippeoh )

4. You are cute.

너 귀엽다. (neauh qui yeop da)

5. I'm so bored6. You want to hang out today?

오늘 놀러 나갈래? (oh neul nol lauh nagallae?)

7. I just want to go home

집에 가고 싶어 (jip ae ga go sip uh)

8. How was your day?

오늘 하루 어땠어? (ohneul haru uhddatsuh?)

9. Wanna hang out?

놀러 갈래? (nolleuh gallae?)

10. Do you speak Korean?

한국말 할 줄 아세요? (han guk mal hal jule ah sey yo? )

11. How are you liking it here in the United States?

미국에 있는거 어때? (migook ae it neun guh auh ttae?)

12. How are you doing today?

오늘 어때? (oh nuel auh ddae?)

13. What are you doing?

뭐해? (muah hae?)

14.You are so perfect

넌 정말 완벽해 (naun jeonmal wanbyuckhae)

15. please eat and sleep well.

잘 먹고 잘 자. (jal mauk go jal ja)

And these are the sentences that I want you guys to correct!


Finally!!!! My phone came back to my hand!!! I'm so sorry that I did not wrote any journal these days because I lost my phone... So... How is it going?


I've been busy doing stuff. It may not be a good excuse of skipping my diary, but it's true. Also I feel pretty much gloomy thesedays. I just have no idea why I feel this way. I keep trying to cheer myself up and smile. The thing is, it's not working. Maybe it's because I'm getting older. I feel the change every day by day. I think I need a little time for myself to take a rest. I wanna go somewhere nice and quiet or try something new to change my same daily routine.


I left out home. I'm outside now. cause I fought with ma dad, I don't want to see dad anymore(I guess, dad don't want to see ma face,too.), so I left! Where I gonna go? for now, I'm in No-re-bang. hmmm.. ..

thanks for correction and please write sentences that you want to have as Korean!

안녕하세요; ㅋ
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